iPod nano watchband

It’s the holidays once again, and if you are like me, you are searching for the perfect gift for that one tech savvy person in your life – that one person who finds a tech product they like and use it until its demise. If you have one of those in your life and they… Read More

Most watch bands for the iPod nano that I’ve seen are made of plastic and look very utilitarian – not exactly what most women are looking for in a fashion watch.  The ibanglez watch band for iPod nano is designed with women in mind, and it looks like a wide bangle bracelet.  ibanglez is a… Read More

There are a lot of watchbands for the iPod nano on the market, and a lot of them seem a bit big and sporty to me.  The Loop Nano watchband is sleek and looks more like a regular watchband.  It works with both the 6th and 7th generation of the Apple iPod nano. Let’s give… Read More

Most of the watchband cases for the iPod nano have one thing in common – some part of the iPod comes into contact with your skin.  People who wear their iPods while exercising or working intensely find it eventually suffers damage from coming into contact with sweat.  Quad Mountain has developed a watchband for the… Read More

We’ve reviewed silicone watch bands from Hex that convert your iPod nano into a watch, and now we’re going to tell you about their newest style for the 6th and 7th generation nano.  The new Icon Watch Band has a polycarbonate case and band, and the style reminds me of those expensive ceramic watches that are… Read More

I’ve seen a lot of watchbands for the 6th generation iPod nano, but the Incase Flex Wristband is the first “stretchy” one I’ve seen.  The flexible steel band stretches to fit most any wrist.  It’s available in black, gold, or silver matte finish that looks much more sophisticated than those silicone bands.  All controls and… Read More

Sure.  There are a few bands on the market for the 6th gen iPod nano.  OK, more than a few.  Many are similar: colorful silicone or resin strap with a fun, sporty style, like the iWatchz Q Collection reviewed by Julie a few months back.    But if you’re after something a bit less sporty… Read More

There are a multitude of watchband straps for the 6th generation Apple iPod nano, and I’ve already reviewed a couple.  Each strap is a little different from the others, and it may require some looking to find exactly the one you’ll like best.  Some lend themselves more to using them as a sports strap while… Read More

The Quad Mountain Ultimate One nano watchband distinguishes itself by being the only one on the market where no part of the nano touches your skin.  This protects your nano from sweat damage, which won’t be covered under the warranty.  The band is thin and vented where possible for comfort.  The nano’s controls are all… Read More

There have been a multitude of companies introducing bands to turn the iPod nano into a wristwatch, and The Gadgeteer has reviewed some of them.  The 4iTorq band from 4iConcepts differs from the pack because it’s a metal band instead of the typical cloth, plastic, or leather strap.  Let’s give it a closer look. Note: … Read More

When the sixth generation of the iPod nano was released in the fall of 2010, Steve Jobs joked that it was so small that it could be worn as a watch.  Apparently dozens of companies decided to create watchbands that could be used to turn the nano into a watch – albeit a rather large… Read More

Belkin has an entry into the nano watchband war.  The WristFit for iPod nano is made of a lightweight, thin, breathable, machine-washable material.  The Velcro closure allows you to adjust the fit to your wrist, and you attach the nano to the band using the nano’s integrated clip.  The WristFit is $19.95… Read More

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