Snugg Luxury Wrist Strap for Apple iPod nano Review

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snugg luxury wrist strap 1There are a multitude of watchband straps for the 6th generation Apple iPod nano, and I’ve already reviewed a couple.  Each strap is a little different from the others, and it may require some looking to find exactly the one you’ll like best.  Some lend themselves more to using them as a sports strap while exercising, while others will work better for simply listening to music and checking the time.  This band from Snugg is sophisticated enough to turn your nano into a nice wristwatch.  I received a Luxury Wrist Strap for review.  Let’s give it a look.

snugg luxury wrist strap 5
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The Luxury Wrist Strap is available only in black.  The strap is made of a rubbery black plastic.  The area where the nano clips on is made of a hard plastic, and the buckle appears to be brushed aluminum.  It has double strap keepers made of the same rubbery material as the strap.

Fully extended, it measures 9.25”, and it’s about 1.4” at the widest point and 0.75” at the narrowest point of the band.  It should be adjustable to fit a wrist as small as about 6” and as large as about 8”.  The back of the strap has raised ridges along the strap edges.  This should minimize the amount of strap coming into contact with your skin.  Hopefully, this will keep your arm cooler and reduce sweating under the plastic strap.

The area where the nano clips has a large cutout in one side.  This is for the hinged side of the nano.  Opposite the large cutout is a rectangular slot.  The “tooth” on the open side of the nano’s clip fits in this slot.  The nano is held surprisingly firmly.  It took a little effort to open the clip and remove the nano once it is seated firmly on the wrist strap.

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The nano is completely exposed on the Snugg watch strap.  The back of the clip will be in contact with your skin.  The nano itself will have no protective covering for the screen or body, so it could be scratched or banged into something as you move your arm.

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snugg luxury wrist strap 7The Snugg strap plus the nano make a very nice looking, very large watch.  It’s comfortable to wear, but I do think the rubbery plastic band will make your arm sweaty if you intend to wear this while exercising or even on a hot, humid day.

snugg luxury wrist strap 2snugg luxury wrist strap 3The Snugg band orients the nano so that its controls don’t interfere with hand movement.  The sleep/wake and volume buttons and the docking connector and headphone jack will be on the left and right sides of your wrist.  You’ll be able to plug headphones or a Bluetooth dongle for headphones or a Nike + Sports receiver into the docking connector without interfering with hand movements.  Adjusting the sound feels very natural when the buttons are oriented to the outside of my wrist.

The Snugg Luxury Wrist Strap for iPod nano is an attractive watch band.  It looks sophisticated enough to wear to work, but it can be used in casual situations.  I like the orientation of the controls, but I wish the nano had a bit of coverage for protection against bumps and scratches.  The fit is tight enough that I don’t think you could use the nano in a silicone case, though.  I must say that the black watch band looks very nice with the colors of the iPod nano.  Maybe a clear sticker-type skin added to the nano would be sufficient protection for use with the Snugg wrist strap.


Product Information

  • iPod nano 6th generation
  • Looks very sophisticated with the nano
  • Orientation of the controls and connectors makes volume adjustments natural and connected headphones or dongles don't interfere with hand movements
  • nano not protected from bumps and scratches

5 thoughts on “Snugg Luxury Wrist Strap for Apple iPod nano Review”

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  2. Janet,
    I think you’re wearing the wristband upside down, the hook should be on your little finger side, the holes on your thumb side. BTW, is the Nano orientation reversible?

  3. Janet Cloninger

    @Fred The nano’s orientation is changeable. You just put your fingers on the screen in the “pinch” position, then twist your fingers clockwise.

  4. I see, if you wear the wrist band the usual way, the control buttons are outside and the headphone jack is inside

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