New iPod nano shoots pics, video, plus FM & more

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Announced just today at Apple‘s 09/09/09 “music event”, the new iPod nano.  The newest nano appears to be the same size as the “4th Gen” nano, but with a larger screen and a polished aluminum finish.  It will also feature a camera that shoots still images and video and a microphone.  Also added is FM radio with live pause, pedometer and Nike  + iPod support and more.  8Gb for $149, 16Gb for $179.  Also announced were updates to iPod touch, shuffle and iTunes.  Check it all out at

9 thoughts on “New iPod nano shoots pics, video, plus FM & more”

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  2. Ferris – I agree. Apple could have done worse (actually they did!) than make a itouch with everything the iphone has, except the phone part. That would have made some other carrier consumers happy.. since Apple would make money on the apps store anyway. Very odd. Although, the nano now has some features that make it a stand out – don’t you think?

  3. I am getting a Touch for my birthday in 2 weeks. As I have an Ixus and a Nokia N95, I am not too bothered about lack of camera — cheaper memory and faster processor are more useful.

    Lack of mic is more of a shame – maybe the thought of people Skyping made Apple fear for this eating into iPhone sales?

  4. @ferris209 – Kind of curious to me also that Apple added a still + video camera and mic for the nano (and all the other new features), but not the touch. The touch would have seemed to be the much more obvious choice to me to get all the new bells and whistles.

  5. Ahh, just seen – no mic on the unit, but the headphones now come with a mic. Yes, it’s odd that there’s no camera on the Touch, but I have to say, it is not a big deal to me.

    The thing I wish Apple had included in the Touch was a GPS module. Does anyone know if I can connect a BT GPS to the Touch, for use with the Maps app?

  6. The Nano upgrade looks pretty good, but the cam does not do stills. And, the pedometer is pretty brain dead. It just works like a plain old pedometer – no distance or speed estimates, so it’s not going to replace the Nike+ kit anytime soon. And it has no Nike+ transmitter built-in either, so gym rats and frequent runners will be slightly disappointed, esp when the Nano is such a great running companion in every other way. But I’ll probably pick up one to replace my dying iPod.

  7. I like how they were like, “oh people are buying flips for 150 so buy an ipod nano instead. It has a video camera so it’s like a million times better though it only records at 640 by 480 at 1.5 mbps”

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