iStik iPod Nano Case Review

Along with being an avid tech-guy, I am also a die-hard sports person as well.
I enjoy exercising or working out daily; to including running, weight lifting,
tennis, basketball, etc. When I workout, running and weight lifting in particular,
I prefer listening to music (to get me through the pain and suffering). iStik
promises a better way to have your music with you while working out…

Griffin ClearBoost iPhone Antenna-boosting Case Review

Are you an iPhone owner that lives or works in an area that has weak AT&T GSM coverage? I’ve had some issues at Gadgeteer HQ (my basement office) as well as my desk at my day job. Seeing a ‘no service’ notice at the top of my iPhone’s screen can be quite annoying, so I was very curious when the folks at Griffin Technology asked if I would like to review their ClearBoost Antenna-boosting case.

Griffin iPhone Wave Case Review

Cases for iPhones are a dime a dozen in as much as they are all pretty much alike in design and function. I don’t envy companies that sell these products as it has to be very difficult to come up with ideas to make their offerings unique enough for consumers to take a second look and ultimately make a purchase. Today I want to show you the Wave case from Griffin Technology. Let’s see if it is different enough to catch your eye…

Otterbox iPod Swim Kit

iPods are a great way to lessen the monotony of exercise. Their compact size makes them easy to carry with you nearly anywhere. However, electronics and water tend not go together which makes using an iPod while swimming problematic. After my recent arm surgeries I have have been swimming regularly as rehabilitation. It’s a good workout, but quite boring. Since one of my new year’s resolutions is not to electrocute myself, I was very interested in trying out the Otterbox iPod Swim Kit.

ifrogz wrapz, bandz and screenz iPod Case Sets

You know how everyone loves Vaja cases because of the sheer number of color combinations available to buyers? Well now you can have that same experience, but with iPod silicone skins. ifrogz gives you over 1,000,000 design options with their wrapz, bandz and screenz sets. Yes, I did say 1 million! Prepare for choice overload… …

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Rhinoskin iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase

Rhinoskin has long been known for their rugged PDA cases. Back in the day, you weren’t a ‘real’ gadgeteer unless you had a Rhinoskin Titanium case for your PDA. These days, Rhinoskin sells protective cases for all types of small electronics. Sorry, no Titanium as far as I can tell, but how about a combo …

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Marware Apple iPod nano Cases

Marware has been busy creating a whole slew of cases for the Apple iPod nano digital music player. I’m going to give you a peek at their 3 latest creations. A mussilicon cover, leather credit card wallet case and a sporty case that can be worn on your belt or arm. Sport Grip This silicon …

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Brando iPod nano Silicone Case

The Brando Apple iPod nano case / skin / protector is extremely similar to the Pivot iPod nano case already reviewed here. Available in 9 different colors: White, Green, Purple, Brown, Light Blue, Orange, Blue, Black, and Pink, this skin has the same design except for 3 differences… Difference #1 is the addition of a …

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OtterBox for iPod shuffle Case

If you’re an extreme type of person, then you need an extreme type of case to protect your toys while you’re out doing extreme things. There’s nothing worse than getting dirt or sweat on your mp3 player while you’re out doing motor cross in the mud. Not that I’ve ever taken my Apple iPod shuffle …

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