iPod shuffle

The biggest complaint with the current iPod Shuffle is that you can’t use it with your favorite earbuds. The earbuds that ship with the Shuffle include an in-line controller for adjusting volume and controlling playback. Without the stock buds, you can’t control the Shuffle at all. People hollered and Scosche listened. Their tapSTICK product is… Read More

Scosche announces the availability of their new IDR350M noise isolating earphones for the iPhone 3GS, iPod shuffle (Gen 3), iPod touch (Gen 2), iPod nano (Gen 4) and iPod classic 120GB. They have an integrated tapLINE control technology that allows users to play/pause, adjust volume, skip tracks, navigate playlists, record voice memos, activate the voice… Read More

The latest Apple iPod shuffle lacks pizzaz when it comes to color choices. You get your pick of Silver or Charcoal. Wow… If you have one and wished you could turn it into a snazzier color, CoreCases have you covered – or the Shuffle covered, with their new Shuffle Jackets. The jackets are made of… Read More

Scosche has just announced the tapSTICK. It’s a $30 polycarbonate slide on case for the iPod shuffle (Gen 3). It adds large volume controls, as well as the ability to use your own earbuds. It will be available in July… Read More

Did you recently purchase the latest and greatest iPod Shuffle and wished you had a slightly more elegant way to charge  / sync it with your computer? Dexim has come to the rescue with the Shu-Lip. The Shu-Lip is a small adapter that replaces the USB cable that shipped with your Shuffle. Let’s test it… Read More

The Mophie Illuminator project started earlier this year at MacWorld 2007. Attendees doodled product ideas and submitted them for the community to vote on. The Bevy iPod shuffle case, keychain, bottle opener, is the first such product to come out of this project.