Rhinoskin iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase

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has long been known for their rugged PDA cases. Back in the day,
you weren’t a ‘real’ gadgeteer unless you had a Rhinoskin Titanium
case for your PDA. These days, Rhinoskin sells protective cases for
all types of small electronics. Sorry, no Titanium as far as I can
tell, but how about a combo clear plastic and aluminum case for
your Apple iPod Video? Let’s take a closer look.

rhinoskin ipod hardcase1

This play through case is refreshingly unique. It’s not often
that you find an iPod case that doesn’t look like every other iPod
case on the market. The iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase is made
specifically for the 30gb or 60gb iPod Video. It has a clear thick
scratch resistant polycarbonate face and an equally thick brushed
silver colored 100% aluminum back.

As you can see in the image above, there are thin neoprene
strips affixed to the interior of the case. These strips keep the
iPod protected from scratches and shock, while also allowing the
iPod to fit snuggly inside the hardcase.

rhinoskin video hardcase2

The aluminum backing is brushed, so that it does not attract
fingerprints. There is also a removable threaded metal belt clip
post. At the top there is a slot for the included lanyard (not

rhinoskin video hardcase3

When the iPod is fully inserted, the cutout for the click wheel
matches up perfectly, allowing for easy and comfortable play
through access. Since the entire face of this case is clear, you
will have no problems viewing the iPod Video’s display.

rhinoskin video hardcase5

There is a cutout on the bottom of the case that allows for
access to the sync / charge port. Connecting the USB cable is not a
problem while the iPod is in this case.

rhinoskin video hardcase6

The entire top of the case is open, so access to the Hold slider
switch and earphone jack is not an issue. The only problem with the
open top is that if you put the player (while in this case) in a
gear bag with other objects, there is a potential that those
objects will come into contact with the iPod and scratch its

rhinoskin video hardcase4

As you can see, this case does add some thickness to the
ordinarily thin iPod Video, but even so, the protection that it
affords is worth it. The empty case weighs in at just 2 ounces, so
it doesn’t really make the iPod seem that much heavier in my

From what I can tell, the plastic face of the case is glued to
the aluminum. I wasn’t so sure how secure it really was until I
tried to pull it off; it didn’t budge.

As you can see from the picture above, there are rubber grip
strips on each side of the case. These help prevent an accidental

Also included with the hardcase is a Stuffbak loss prevention
service label. Stuffbak is a service where you can register your
devices in case of loss. Just put the sticker on the outside (or
inside) of the case and hopefully if you lose your iPod and an
honest person finds it, they can go online and find your info to
get it back to you.

Rhinoskin’s hardcase for the iPod Video is a well made, good
looking case that provides protection from every day wear and tear
to your favorite digital audio player. If you’re looking for a play
through solution that is a bit different than all the others out
there, this one might be the one for you.


Product Information

  • Apple iPod Video 30gb & 60gb
  • Play through
  • Stuffbak loss protection service included
  • Top of iPod not protected

3 thoughts on “Rhinoskin iPod Video Aluminum Hardcase”

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  2. Just make sure you use some lock-tight / thread locker on the stud for the swivel clip as they can come loose – I lost a Treo 600 to a Rhinoskin case and stopped using them all together. The idea and execution of these cases are great other than that.

  3. Yes beware and use a strong light-tight. I bought two cases, one for me and one for my son (used on Palm TX). The screws on both cases would come loose and our PDA would fall to the floor. I used green lock-tight and it stayed for a month, then last night at the grocery store my PDA went crashing from my belt to the concrete floor. Luckily the good point of the case is its strength. My PDA was saved, this time but may not be so lucky on the next fall. Now I’m going to apply a stronger lock-tight.

    Do an on line search and you will find this IS AN ISSUE with the Rhino case. It is also an issue that for some reason the manufacturer doesn’t want to fix. Off the top of my head I can think of a better way, a way that won’t create friction that unscrews the screw.

    Personally I think a class action is in order. I spent over $50 for cases to protect $600 dollars of equipment that fall off my belt?????

    This product has been falling off belts for years. If I would have researched first, saw the problem existed I would have bought another type of case. 😡

    snoudude wrote:

    Just make sure you use some lock-tight / thread locker on the stud for the swivel clip as they can come loose – I lost a Treo 600 to a Rhinoskin case and stopped using them all together. The idea and execution of these cases are great other than that.

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