Which type of iPhone user are you? One that uses a case or one that doesn’t? I fall in to the last group. I used to be a fanatic about scratches and keeping my device as pristine as possible. I’m not sure when it happened, but at some point I quit caring. That doens’t mean… Read More

It totally figures that about the time I am ready to move on from a device, its accessories will start becoming available. Ah well, such is the life of an early adopter… Case in point, I recently received the new PDair aluminum case for the HTC Apache/PPC-6700. I have long been a fan of this… Read More

Rhinoskin has long been known for their rugged PDA cases. Back in the day, you weren’t a ‘real’ gadgeteer unless you had a Rhinoskin Titanium case for your PDA. These days, Rhinoskin sells protective cases for all types of small electronics. Sorry, no Titanium as far as I can tell, but how about a combo… Read More

Here’s a quick look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe cases for the Apple Video and nano iPods. Made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum, these are light weight play through cases that are available in Black and Silver. For those of you that like to wear your iPod on your belt, you’ll be happy to know… Read More

itzkitz has a new offering. This time around it’s a leather / metal combo case for 4th generation Apple iPods (40gb and 60gb color models). Styled after the popular Vaja iVod cases, this one has a shiny chrome back with your choice of a Black, White or Pink hard shell fined grained leather top. The… Read More

CoreCases is probably not a company that you’re familiar with yet. If their current offerings are any indication, that won’t be the ‘case’ for very long. I think they are going to give Innopocket a run for their money with their cool aluminum Sony PSP, and Apple iPod covers. Today I’m going to take a… Read More

PDAir now has hard shell protection for your Apple iPod nano with their silver and black anodized aluminum cases. These are play through cases that totally enclose the nano to help guard against everyday wear and tear that the average Joe and JoAnn can dish out. These cases are molded and sized to perfectly fit… Read More

I’ve covered some great leather cases for the HP iPAQ 4500 series in the last year or so, but only recently have there been a selection of cases available for the iPAQ when equipped with its most useful add-on accessory – the extended battery. Even though the extended battery takes an otherwise thin (0.6") PDA… Read More

PalmOne Treo 650 owners that are looking for maximum protection for their smartphone, have two hard case options right now. There’s the Aluminum Innopocket Metal Deluxe case which I reviewed not long ago, and now there is the new Magnum case from Innopocket as well. Like their HP iPAQ 4700 Magnum case which I reviewed… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: palmOne Treo 650 and 600 smart phones I have reviewed several leather cases so far for the Treo 650, but here we go with the first metal case review for this smart phone. When people think of metal device cases these days, they think of Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe cases. This popular company… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: HP hx4700 / hx4705 iPAQ Pocket PC   Used to be, when you’d think of metal PDA cases, the first company that came to mind would be RhinoSkin with their Titanium tank like cases. Unfortunately, they quit making the Ti cases awhile ago and now sell leather and aluminum PDA protection instead… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: Apple iPod (4th Generation models) 4th generation 20gb and 40gb Apple iPod owners looking for slim but rigid protection for their audio players will definitely want to take a close look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe case. This new case is a bit different from the 3G case that I had reviewed just… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: HP hx4700 / hx4705 Pocket PC HP hx4700 iPAQ owners looking to purchase play through rigid protection should look no further than the Metal Deluxe case from Innopocket. Like their other offerings, this case is made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum with black neoprene lining. Size: 5.3 x 3.2 x .89in… Read More

Product Requirements: HP iPAQ hx4700 / hx4705 PDA Maybe you actually need the protection that an all-aluminum molded case will provide your PDA. Or maybe you just like the idea that if a wild herd of bulls were to stomp on your PDA while wearing such a case, it would survive. Or perhaps you just… Read More

Product Requirements: Device: Apple iPod (3rd Generation models) If you have been looking for a metal case for your 3rd generation Apple iPod, then you’ll definitely want to take a close look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe case. In the past we have reviewed many of Innopocket’s PDA case offerings, but this is the first iPod… Read More