Innopocket Magnum HP hx4700 iPAQ Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HP hx4700 / hx4705 iPAQ Pocket PC

Used to be, when you’d think of metal PDA cases, the first company that came
to mind would be RhinoSkin with their
Titanium tank like cases. Unfortunately, they quit making the Ti cases awhile
ago and now sell leather and aluminum PDA protection instead. Even though they moved on
to aluminum, the first company that I think of now when I think of metal PDA
cases, is Innopocket. They’ve been
around since 2000 and produce aircraft grade aluminum cases for PDAs, digital
audio players, mobile phones and digital cameras. Well guess what? Innopocket is
now going to be known as the first company to produce a PDA case made of
injection molded Magnesium with the Magnum case made specifically for the
HP hx4700 iPAQ Pocket PC.

Magnesium is a metal that is both stronger and lighter in weight than
aluminum. It’s also much easier to work with than the more expensive Titanium.
Innopocket’s Magnum case weighs in at 3 oz., while their
metal deluxe aluminum case
weighs in at 2.8 oz. It’s probably not fair to compare the two since they are
different designs. The metal deluxe case has their standard book style cover
design. The new Magnum case has a flip up cover style design and can be used
with or without the included belt clip.

The main part of the case houses the hx4700 which slides in from the top into
a neoprene lined cavity. When fully inserted, all main features are easily accessible.
Cutouts for the stylus, IR port, reset switch, voice recorder, and sync port
make this case almost 100% play through. The only operation that you can’t do while your
hx4700 is in this case is sync / charge with the cradle. You’ll need to use a
sync / charge cable for this task.

The cover portion of the case has 2 SD card slots for convenient media
storage. Cutouts for the status LEDs are located at the top of the cover and a plastic latch
is located at the bottom. The plastic latch has a small peg on either side that
is supposed to snap into the matching slots in the bottom of the Magnum. I’m a
little concerned about the durability of this type of latch. The way in which
the cover fits into place, doesn’t give me as much confidence as I’d like. I
wish there was a significant snap when you press the cover into the latch. As is, I’m afraid that the plastic latch pegs
may wear down after repeated openings and closings. This is only speculation
though, as I’ve only had this case for 3 days.

The great thing about this flip cover design is the fact that the cover can
fold completely back behind the back of the PDA. In my opinion, it makes using
the PDA more comfortable and natural. The hinge also doubles as a low profile
stand for the PDA while it is on your desk.

The finish on the Magnum matches the color of the hx4700 perfectly. I’m
unsure how well the finish will hold up as far as scratches and scuffs. It’s
important to note that the Magnesium material doesn’t seem to be a
fingerprint/smudge magnet which is a real plus as far as I’m concerned. The case
is smooth to the touch without being overly slippery.

I really like the Magnum. The color makes it a little less flashy then the
bright aluminum finish on Innopocket’s other cases. To be truthful though, the
main thing I like about this case is the flip cover. Give me the hx4700 metal
deluxe case with this style of cover and I’d be just as happy. In any event, the
price is right for this case if you are looking for something a little different
to protect your HP hx4700 Pocket PC.


Price: $39.90

Flip cover design
Unique Magnesium construction

Latch doesn’t seem very robust
Can’t sync with cradle


Product Information

  • Flip cover design
  • Unique Magnesium construction
  • Latch doesn't seem very robust
  • Can't sync with cradle

13 thoughts on “Innopocket Magnum HP hx4700 iPAQ Case Review”

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  2. Great review, Great case, I had mine for 3 days also. The 1st thing I did when I got it was tried the Brando sync charge cable with it.
    While I can sync and charge with the unit as is, I find that I can’t plug the connector all the way in which means the connection isn’t very secure. I sucked it up and put a file into the case, widening the opening now I can plug it all the way in with no problems. As for the latch, I discoverd something long time ago while using the Ericsson T28/ t39 mobile phone. I’ll put a tiny dab of super glue on the nub and it’ll be good as new, I am sure it will work just as well with the latch nub when it wears out.

  3. danielg:

    Thanks for the super glue idea. I’m wondering though why Innopocket did not make the latch of the same material as the case. Is Magnesium too soft or something?

  4. I guess it’s more for aesthetic reasons as the magnesium will lose its black color and revert back to silver after the constant friction needed for closing and opening the case. But I wished they had come out with something more durable than plastic – although I dont think its going to give out anytime soon. (at least I hope not )

  5. It kind of just rolls in at first, so what I did was I placed a small cork/rubber sticker thingy ( similar to those Grip It stickers) on the flat area of the hinge ( the part that covers the sd/CF slot. Now my cover snaps in. I am not worried about the additional pressure pressing on top of the 4700 because the Grip It sticker just think enough to allow the cover to close with a snap (if you remove it you will notice that there is a gap between the flat are and the top of the 4700) the neoprene lining acts as a cushion anyway so no harm done.

    Innopocket should have hired us as product consultants 😉

  6. I Order one on the 8 of Feb 2005 and did not get a tracking number
    so i e-mail to see whats going on and get this reply

    Our online store will be closed from 9/Feb/05- 15/Feb/05. We are unable to reply your email immediately, please allow 7 days to hear from us. For all orders, we will process on 16/Feb/05 again.


    you know its going to feel like a life time LOL

  7. Well, Innopocket is based in Hong Kong and I guess you caught them in a bad time – February 9 is Chinese New Year and Hong Kong tend to have long vacations because of it.

  8. I want to get one of the Innopocket cases, either the aluminum or the Magnum. Which one will protect my hx4700 better. I’ve been known to drop a pocket pc every now & then. Thanks for the review, -great site.

  9. IMHO, both are more or less the same in terms of protection with the Magnesium case having the advantage in weight and ease of use (ergometrics). The aluminum case has the sturdier latch/closing system.

  10. Any idea if they are going to be making this case for other PDA’s, (such as my Dell x50v?)

    I have always liked the protection that a metal case offers, but I find it easier to hold “flip-top” cases, rather than “book-style” cases, so I’ve always gone with leather flip-top cases, like the Sena cases.


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