Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-02-07

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For those of you that are helping with the Free iPod article – I just checked my status, and I have been approved! Expect a letter from me today asking you to vote for which iPod I should selct.I must hear back from you by Wednesday February 9 in order for you to continue on in the drawing. This is basically my way of making sure that every address is good, and that there will be a definite winner when the drawing occurs.
Here is an update for those of you that are helping with the Flat Screen TV: even with all of the participants we have, there are still only two showing as having met the requirements. If you signed up for this and you have met the requirements, please drop me an email. It's possible that they are over-whelmed with responses, but it seems like more should have been approved by now. :0P

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