Extreme Limit Sony CLIE TH55 Metal & Leather Suit Review

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Product Requirements:
Sony CLIE TH55

If you are not the type of person who is content enough to purchase just a leather case or just a metal case for your Sony CLIE TH55, then you might want to check out the Metal & Leather Suit from Extreme Limit of Japan. Well known for their PDA body suit cases, this particular model combines the softness and richness of leather, with the rigidity of metal, to protect your electronic investment from everyday wear and tear.

Available in black Italian leather with either a black or silver 04mm Aluminum plate, this case has plenty of storage and play-through access. But is it perfect for everyone? Maybe not. Read on to see why I say this…

The quality leather used in the construction of this case is very finely grained black leather. The metal panel (black in my review sample), blends in perfectly with the leather. So much so in fact, that you might not realize that it isn’t leather until you touch it. Sewn into the screen cover portion of the case, the metal panel gives quite a bit of added protection. The anodized finish has a slightly ‘grain’ to it, so it does not show fingerprints.

The first problem that I ran into with this case was the fact that the CLIE’s plastic flip cover needed to be removed in order to slide the PDA into the play-through leather holster. While it’s not a big deal to remove the cover, doing so might contribute to misplacing it later.

The TH55 slides into the holster easily. There is one large cutout for the display and status LEDs at the top of the screen. Cutouts for the application buttons, sync port, side buttons and earphone jack are also included.

On the right side of the holster, there is a stylus holder. I’m not really sure why this was included due to the fact that the stylus is easily accessible just the way it is.

The back of the case has cutouts to allow for access to the Memory Stick slot, and camera.

The screen cover portion of the case has a soft suede flap that protects the PDA screen from the contents of the storage pockets. This flap is held in place by a very small rectangle of Velcro. If you don’t like the flap, you can remove it. Under the flap you will find 2 business / credit card slots and 2 Memory Stick slots.

The cover is held closed with a tab-in-slot type of closure method.

The main reason why I said that this case might not be perfect for everyone is the fact that while in use, the screen cover hangs down below the PDA instead of flipping back over the top of it like the majority of ‘slipper’ type cases do. For me, it feels a little awkward to use this style of case. That said, it’s really all in the eye of the beholder.

I didn’t really notice any major problems using my TH55 while it was in the case. It’s comfortable to hold in your hand, has several storage slots, looks great in a business or casual setting, and is constructed perfectly. If you don’t mind the cover hanging down, instead of flopping over the back of your hand, then this case might be the one you’ve been looking for.


Price: 7900 Yen ~$69.57 US

Play through
Suede display protector flap

Have to remove the plastic screen cover


Product Information

Manufacturer:Extreme Limit

6 thoughts on “Extreme Limit Sony CLIE TH55 Metal & Leather Suit Review”

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  2. There is a stylus holder in the holster because the original Sony stylus is horrible to use. Too thin, too short.

    This additional-stylus feature gives you an option to use a better stylus. Very nice, imo.

  3. Hey, I’m looking to get this PDA and the case looks like what I want. I was wondering if there was a way I could get the measurements of the PDA with the case on? Just so I know how big it will be compared to what I have now.

    As for the review, I would assume that the cover drops down rather than flipping over in order to make it less difficult to use the camera. I imagine it would be alkward to have to hold the flap out of the way of the lense while trying to take a quick picture. That particular feature really is what sold me on it, as I believe I could just fold it up while doing normal work with it.

  4. XmortuisX:

    I no longer have this PDA / case combo. You’re right about the cover hanging below the PDA. I suggest that you visit the Extreme Limit site and email them concerning the sizing info that you need.

  5. Never mind, I found it at palminfocenter.com. Just open it and pull. Kind of stubborn and scary and not recommended unless you plan to leave it off, as in installing it in a cover.

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