Innopocket Treo 650 Metal Deluxe Case

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Product Requirements:
palmOne Treo 650 and 600 smart phones

I have reviewed several leather cases so far for the
Treo 650, but here we go with the first
metal case review for this smart phone. When people think of metal device cases
these days, they think of Innopocket’s
Metal Deluxe cases. This popular company was kind enough to send me their newest
case for the Treo 650 (and 600).

Like their other cases, this one is also constructed of 100% anodized
aircraft grade aluminum. The interior is lined in black Neoprene to serve as a
shock absorber for protecting the Treo from everyday bumps.

The Metal Deluxe case comes with a removable belt clip post, for those of you
that like to wear your case around your waist.

The hinged cover opens left to right and has a perfectly clear plastic window
protecting the display, along with cutouts for the main navigation pad and
application buttons.

I found the size of this cutout area to be fine for using the directional
pad, but a little cramped when trying to access the call buttons on the outside
edges of the opening. I would need to angle the tip of my thumb into the cutout
in order to press these buttons. I would much prefer that this opening expose
the entire keyboard. Having to open the cover to type is not very convenient in
my opinion.

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I had the same problem with the long cutout on the side of the case for the
volume buttons. It would be nice if the opening were wider for the entire length
of the cutout, instead of just the middle section.

The top of the Treo is exposed so that oversized SD cards can be left in the
phone while the cover is closed and that the ringer can be turned off easily at
any time.

The bottom of the case allows for easy hotsync cable and earphone jack

Both the left and right sides of the Metal Deluxe Treo case have rubber
gripper strips to help alleviate the dreaded slippery case syndrome. I’m not
sure these strips really helped me that much though… at least they don’t seem
to match up with my grip, when I’m holding the case.

Since the whole cover of the case is taken up with the screen window and main
button cutout, there wasn’t room left for an internal SD card storage slot like
many of Innopocket’s other cases. Not sure if this is a deal breaker for some of
you out there that might be considering this case.

I have to admit that this isn’t going to cut it as an everyday case for me.
It’s just too bulky and the cutouts too small for my  thumb. That said, it
works great as a travel case. I used it when I was traveling to and from Florida
on my vacation last week. Putting it in my gear bag made me feel confident that
my Treo would not be crushed no matter how full the overhead bins might become.
If you need hard shell protection for your Treo, this case will definitely
provide it.

Price: $29.90

Hard shell protection
Clear display window
Play through access

Cutouts might be smallish for some people


Product Information

  • Hard shell protection
  • Clear display window
  • Play through access
  • Cutouts might be smallish for some people
  • Bulky

3 thoughts on “Innopocket Treo 650 Metal Deluxe Case”

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  2. Innopocket is accepting preorders for a magnesium case that includes SD card storage. I’m not sure whether I like magnesium as a material for a case, but it does look evil in a cool sort of way!

    They also make a case for the 600 that fully exposed the keyboard. I suppose they could put the two together and make a case with full keyboard access and card storage. They could fabricate it out of gold! They could encrust it with rhinestones…NO…DIAMONDS! :wow:

    Sorry, lost myself there for a minute.

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