Innopocket Metal Deluxe 3G iPod Case Review

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Product Requirements:
Apple iPod (3rd Generation models)

If you have been looking for a metal case for your 3rd generation Apple
iPod, then you’ll definitely want to take a close
look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe case.
In the past we have reviewed many of Innopocket’s PDA case offerings, but this
is the first iPod case that we’ve had the pleasure of evaluating.

If you are already familiar with their Metal Deluxe PDA cases, then you won’t
be surprised by their 3G iPod case. Made of the same light weight aircraft grade scratch-resistant anodized aluminum,
this case comes in any color you want as long as that color is silver ;o) The
surface of the case has a nice matte texture that resists fingerprints, smudges
and scratches.

The interior of the case is lined in black neoprene to cushion the iPod in
the event of bumps and short drops. The first time you insert the music player
into this case, it may feel like the case is too small. A little pressure is
required to firmly seat the player completely into the bottom shell of the case.
Once you do, you can close the lid and never remove the player again if you

When closed, you have access to all of the iPod’s features through perfectly
positioned cutouts. On the front the main cutout provides access to both the
touch wheel and menu buttons. I like having one large cutout such as this one
instead of having a round cutout for the touch wheel and separate cutouts for
each menu button. This way, it is much easier for your finger to press the
desired area.

Above the main cutout is a window for iPod’s display. Instead of just having
a cutout, there is a plastic see through window. This is a nice touch that adds
protects the display from scratches.

The top of the case has two cutouts. One for the earphone/remote jacks, and
one for the Hold switch. I tried various earphones/headphones with the iPod
while in this case, and didn’t have any problems connecting them. 3rd party
accessories such as the iTrip,
iTalk and others are not compatible with
this case due to both the thickness of the case material and the location of the
cover clip.

The bottom of the case has a cutout that is large enough to accommodate the
sync / charge cable. It should be obvious, but just in case… no, you can not
sync with the docking cradle while using the iPod in this case.

On the back of the case there is a half circle cutout that allows you to use
a finger to press the iPod up and out of the case. There is also a threaded hole
on the back of the case for an included belt click stud. If you don’t want to
use the belt clip, you can just remove the stud. The clip is the typical black
plastic spring pinch type.

I can’t find anything to complain about regarding the construction of the
Metal Deluxe case. There are no rough / sharp edges, or misaligned cutouts. Some
people may complain that the case adds too much bulk to the iPod. Although it
does add some weight, considering the protection that it adds, the Metal Deluxe
case really doesn’t add that much to the over all dimensions.

This is a case that will protect your digital music player from everyday
abuse and look good while doing it.


Price: $29.90

Play through
All features are accessible

Only available in silver


Product Information

  • Play through
  • All features are accessible
  • Only available in silver

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