Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case for the Video iPod and iPod nano

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Here’s a quick look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe cases for the Apple Video and nano iPods. Made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum, these are light weight play through cases that are available in Black and Silver.

For those of you that like to wear your iPod on your belt, you’ll be happy to know that these cases come with a black plastic squeeze type clip that is removable.

The front of the case has a large clear hard plastic window for the display. Watching videos through this display is not a problem whatsoever. A prefect circular cutout allows for easy access to the click wheel.

Besides the removable belt-clip post, there is also a lanyard attachment eyelet on the back side of the Metal Deluxe case. You can use this with the included strap. Do any of you use these?

The Metal Deluxe case for the Video iPod is lined in black Neoprene to guard your digital media player against scratches and shock.

Two soft rubber bumpers are attached to the bottom edge of the case. I’m not really sure how useful they are. The only thing I can figure out is that they allow you to stand the iPod on end to balance it on a desk.

The nano version of this case is very similar… although a lot smaller ;o)

As you can see, the nano version has the hinge on the top edge instead of the bottom. The belt clip on the back is a removable metal spring clip. I’ve never been a big fan of this style of clip, but this particular one is very strong.

Just like the all of Innopocket’s cases, this one is also lined in Neoprene, which allows the nano to fit snugly inside.

Fit and finish on both cases are first rate. I found no sharp edges or workmanship problems. Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe cases are a great way to protect your iPod while allowing it to remain thin and light.


Product Information

  • Apple iPod 5G Video iPod
  • Apple iPod nano
  • Play through
  • Screen protection
  • Removeable beltclip

13 thoughts on “Innopocket Metal Deluxe Case for the Video iPod and iPod nano”

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  2. Hi,

    One of the listed “pros” of this device is the iPod screen is protected. But the screen protection is not mentioned in the review itself. Is it rubber. removable and sits against the screen? Or the firm plastic type.


  3. I bought this same case from for $24.95. Lots of companies are selling it under various names. I have the iPod Video 30GB version. Real nice case. I would actually prefer it cover everything so I could toss it in my laptop bag when traveling but this is close enough.

  4. Hi everyone,

    First of all i bought the case and recieved it last week.
    I was disappointed to find that it came with a cheap plastic
    belt clip, that is so loose, i had my doubts about as soon as I
    first popped it on the metal post on the case

    And I was right, the metal button that is screwed on the back has
    actually started to wear out the plastic
    After repeated insertions in and out of the clip, it gets looser and looser
    I was surprised, because I thought it would have come with the spring steel clip shown in the review.

    On a scale of 1 thru 10 it would have been a 10 except for the clip.
    Nice snug fit on the Ipod though

  5. Garylane:

    I’m assuming you bought the case for the nano right? The Video iPod case has the plastic clip. The nano has the spring clip.

  6. I’ve got a horrible tendency to destroy my portable electronics, especially by dropping them or putting too much pressure on them (ie. stepping on them, such as when they’re in my backpack). How much protection against pressure does this thing offer, compared to the competitors? Can you deform it noticably without an iPod in it by squeezing it?

    I’m just trying to be certain that when I buy an iPod it won’t get destroyed like my last MP3 player was (poor little Rio Carbon 🙁 ). The Matias armour is the only case like this I can buy locally, but it’s overpriced and would be inconvenient to use. Therfore I have to be fairly certain before buying one of these puppies online.

  7. Suddenly_Dead:

    You can flex it somewhat when it is empty. But you’re going to have to really put some pressure on the iPod to damage it while it is in this case. For one thing, there isn’t any empty space between the case and the iPod. So there isn’t much room to flex in the first place.

  8. Julie wrote:


    I’m assuming you bought the case for the nano right? The Video iPod case has the plastic clip. The nano has the spring clip.

    No I bought the Video one, guess I should have looked at the review a little closer.
    Doesn’t matter anyway, the clip is history, the stud on the back has rubbed a groove in one side and the slot on the stud, has chewed most of one small

    I’m working on a Steel spring type like the nano


  9. I was wondering how well this case would protect my second generation iPod nano. My main concern is the corners, on the case i see there are curved corners but on the second generation iPod nano there are more square corners.

    Would my iPod fit in the case, and if so would the case protect it as well as the first generation iPod nano’s?

  10. Nano freak:

    I no longer have one of these cases to test, but don’t think the 2nd generation nano would fit in this case. I would wait for Innopocket to come out with an updated case to reflect the shape of the new nano.

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