InnoPocket Metal Deluxe 4G iPod Case Review

Product Requirements:
Apple iPod (4th Generation models)

4th generation 20gb and 40gb Apple
iPod owners looking for slim but rigid
protection for their audio players will definitely want to take a close
look at Innopocket’s Metal Deluxe case.

This new case is a bit different from the
3G case
that I had reviewed just a few months ago. Like all Innopocket Metal Deluxe
cases, this one also allows you access to all features while the player is
safely enclosed in a neoprene lined aircraft grade anodized aluminum shell. It
can be used as a belt case or non-belt case by removing or installing a screw in
belt clip post on the back of the case.

In hand the case feels solid and comfortable to hold and use. I had no
problems using the touch pad to navigate through my music. The clear window over
the display does not hinder the ability to view the info on the screen either.

Access cutouts include a large circle for the touch pad, an opening for the
docking connector and a large opening at the top of the player for headphone,
and hold switch access. That latter cutout is one difference that this case has
over the prior 3G metal case. With this large cutout, accessories such as the

iTalk can
now be used while the iPod is in the case. This was not possible with the 3G
version of the deluxe metal case.

The main difference with this case is the way the front cover is held closed.
Instead of having a clasp on the top, there is a clasp on both sides at the top
of the case. I have found this new design to be both hard to close and open. So
hard in fact that I had to use something to pry it open. Scary! I guess you
could argue that once you have the iPod in the case, you really don’t have a
reason to remove it, but that’s really not the point is it?

The main point of this case is protection. While your iPod is enclosed in the
metal deluxe case, it is protected very well from typical and not so typical
abuse. While I would not want to drop my iPod from a 2 story building while it
is in this case, I wouldn’t have any real worries if it fell from 3-4 feet to a
hard surface.

Right now it is hard for me to recommend this case due to the difficulty
opening and closing it. But if you’re the type of person that will place your
audio player in a case and never remove it, this one is both protective and good

Price: $29.90

Play through
All features are accessible
Compatible with most accessories that use the headphone jack (iTrip)

Difficult to close and open
Does not fit in docking cradle

4 thoughts on “InnoPocket Metal Deluxe 4G iPod Case Review”

  1. I need a hard case for my 4G Photo iPod but I don’t think this is it. I don’t care about being able to play through a metal case, I want maximum protection.

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