CoreCases Sony PSP and Apple iPod shuffle Cases

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CoreCases is probably not a company that you’re familiar with yet. If their current offerings are any indication, that won’t be the ‘case’ for very long. I think they are going to give Innopocket a run for their money with their cool aluminum Sony PSP, and Apple iPod covers. Today I’m going to take a look at their Apple iPod shuffle case and their Black Sony Playstation Portable case.

Apple iPod shuffle Case

Made of light weight anodized aluminum and available in 6 colors (Silver, Green, Pink, Midnight Blue, Skye Blue and Black), this is a case that be worn around your neck, on your belt or in your pocket.

The case consists of 2 parts. A top shell and a bottom shell. The shuffle rests inside the neoprene lined bottom shell and the top shell slides shut over it to totally enclose the device. Perfectly lined up cutouts allow access to the nav button, earphone jack and Power switch. The earphone jack cutout is large enough to accommodate 3rd party earphones.

The back of the case has a removable metal belt clip. In the picture above, you can also see the the locking pins for the top shell.

Accessing the Power switch while the shuffle is in this case is actually easier (for me at least) than when the shuffle is not in a case. Something about the metal around the sliding switch makes it easier for me to activate. The only reason that you would need to remove the shuffle from this case is to charge it.

A simple white ribbon neck strap (not pictured) is included that can attach to the top right corner of the player.

I like this case quite a bit. The price is nice and it actually makes the shuffle feel and look more expensive.

Sony Playstation Portable Case

This case looks great and has a little something extra that might make you pick it over a similar one from Innopocket.

Made of Black anodized aluminum, the case is molded to fit the Sony PSP shape without adding much weight and bulk.

You might wonder what that silver dot is on the back side of the case. I did too when I first saw it. I didn’t realize that it was a magnet until I opened the cover though. Keep reading…

When the cover opens, you see the face of the PSP. Access to all of the controls is at your disposal. The case does not get in your way at all. The cover has 2 built in slots for Memory stick duos.

Here you see the reason for the magnet. Open the cover all the way and it snaps to the mating magnet on near the hinge of the front cover. In this position, you can set the case and PSP on your desk to view video content. Pretty nifty!

There are two things about this case that are a bit problematic. One thing that could use some improvement would be the grip-ability of it. It’s pretty slippery. I would like to see either a rubberized surface or some grip strips.

The other thing is the fact that you can not open the disc slot while the PSP is in the case. So, no game swapping.

If these two issues don’t bother you, for less than $15, you can keep your PSP protected and looking good with this case from CoreCases.


Product Information

  • Sony Playstation Portable
  • Light weight
  • Play through
  • Slippery

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  2. I have the Shuffle case in black and love it. Clip it on my belt, pocket, backpack strap, or suspenders and go wherever. I also like the combination of the black/white Shuffle. I do wish the clip had a bit stronger spring as it tends not to hold as well on really slick, thick fabric like heavy nylon straps.

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