InnoPocket HP hx4700 iPAQ Hard Case Review

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Product Requirements:
HP hx4700 / hx4705 Pocket PC

HP hx4700 iPAQ owners looking to purchase
play through rigid protection should look no further than the Metal Deluxe case
from Innopocket. Like their other
offerings, this case is made of 100% anodized aircraft grade aluminum with black
neoprene lining.

Size: 5.3 x 3.2 x .89in (135 x 82 x 22.6mm)
Weight of case with PDA: 9oz (255g)

This is a book style case with a cover that opens left to right. I would
really like to see Innopocket come out with flip up style PDA cases in the
future. As a lefty,  I find that this case is a little hard to hold in my
right hand while manipulating the stylus in my left. It may just as difficult
for righties… The open cover doesn’t seem to allow me to keep a secure grip on
the case. That said, the raised rubber strips along the sides of the case do aid
in gripping.

The hx4700 is fully accessible while inserted in this case. All the buttons
and features either have cutouts or are exposed with the cover is opened. The
only action that you can’t do while the iPAQ is in this case is sync / charge
with the cradle. Cables work fine however.

This case has several other nice features that are worth mentioning. For one,
the finish is bead blasted so that fingerprints and smudges do not show. When
the cover is closed, the hx4700 is almost entirely enclosed. Only the top of the
PDA is partially exposed. This was mainly done to allow for oversized CF and SD
cards to be used while in this case. As designed, they can extend from the top
of the PDA even while the cover is snapped closed.

The cover which has 2 SD storage slots on the interior side, snaps securely
closed via a friction/flex clip type of latch. There are 4 small cutouts in the
cover for status LEDs and the microphone. It’s nice to have the ability to
record a voice note without having to open the case.

On the back of the case there is a threaded socket for the included belt clip
post. The end of the post has a slot for a flat head screw driver. This makes
tightening it much easier than using your fingers on the serrated edges. I like
having the option of using the clip or not using it.

I’ve always liked Innopocket cases, and this one is not an exception. I’ve
been using this one to protect my hx4700 since receiving it and don’t see a
change in the foreseeable future.


Price: $29.90

Excellent value for the price

Slightly difficult to open
Have to remove PDA to sync / charge with cradle


Product Information

  • Excellent value for the price
  • Stylish
  • Slightly difficult to open
  • Have to remove PDA to sync / charge with cradle

5 thoughts on “InnoPocket HP hx4700 iPAQ Hard Case Review”

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  2. Last month Judie reviewed the PDair hard shell aluminum case. I liked the case so much that I ordered one right away. The Piel Frama black leather case that I originally got for my HX4700 just sits there empty, as I much prefer to use the Hardshell case with the cover on the right side (great for left handed people like me). I see the InnoPocket also has the cover on the right side. There are a lot of other similarities between the PDair case and the InnoPocket hard shell case design. One of the differences is that the InnoPocket case will hold two SD cards inside the door where the PDair only holds one. I wish the PDair that I bought had four SD card holding slots in the inside cover. I am constantly shuffling cards now and I don’t want to loose one of those 1GB units with all the valuable information that they contain.

    It would be nice to see a side-by-side comparison between the two models.

  3. Heh, my Innopocket case just arrived today from Very nice case. Real happy with it and with the service from

  4. DanZeman:

    I agree that a comparison between the the Innopocket and PDAir would be helpful. Unfortunately, I don’t have the PDAir case and Judie lives too far from me to go check it out.

  5. I’ve bought this case after reading the review – took me a while to hunt it down in the UK, but eventually I found it at

    You can get it from directly, but their shipping costs are as much again as the item, and it’s a 4 week delivery.

    Can’t wait to get it now… I think one of the big problems with the hx4700 “out of the crate” is that it’s got no knock protection at all if dropped.

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