Brando Treo 650 Silicone Case Review

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Product Requirements:
palmOne Treo 650 Smartphone

The palmOne Treo 650 smartphone is
an expensive device that deserves to be protected from everyday abuse. Most
people that own this phone will immediately seek out a case for it. It’s
difficult to find the right case that is best for you. Some people are not happy
unless their phone is completely covered on all sides by leather or metal. Then
there are other  people who take a minimalist approach in order to prevent
their PDA/phone from becoming a bulky brick.  If you’re looking for a
minimal case, then this silicone product from
Brando might be just what you’re looking

Available in Ice or Blue, this thin, soft, non-sticky, flexible rubber case
adds very little bulk to the Treo. What it does add is protection to the sides,
back, top and bottom of the device. The gripping nature of the silicone also
helps to keep the Treo from slipping out of your hand.

brando treo650 siliconecase1
brando treo650 siliconecase2

Cutouts allow access to the Hotsync port, microphone, earphone, keyboard,
display, status LED, camera, stylus, speaker, IR port, SD slot and speaker
toggle. The side volume rocker button and front face navigation / application
buttons are covered by the silicone material. Using the buttons through the
material is not a problem though as representations of the buttons are molded
into the silicone. This does not hinder tactile feedback whatsoever.

brando treo650 siliconecase3

I’ve never been a big fan of these type of rubber cases as they tend to
attract lint and dust. So far this one has not done that, but I was sent the Ice
version, so it’s hard to see if dust is stuck to it.

As long as you understand that this case will not protect the display or even
protect the whole device all that much in the event of a drop, then this cover
is an adequate way to keep your Treo’s shell from scratches and wear.


Price: $20.00

Doesn’t add bulk to the phone
Adds better gripping to the phone

Screen isn’t protected
May attract link and dust


Product Information

  • Doesn't add bulk to the phone
  • Adds better gripping to the phone
  • Screen isn't protected
  • May attract link and dust

8 thoughts on “Brando Treo 650 Silicone Case Review”

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  2. Julie,

    I’m curious………

    Under the review of this you list a “con” as “Screen isn’t protected”. In the review of the Vaja Treo 650 T65 case (which also has no protection for the screen) you do not list the same thing as a con. Is there a specific reason the lack of screen protection on the Vaja case is not a con?

    Am I being picky?

    Also as an FYI to others who like this style of case but are afraid of the negative points you mentioned there are some alernatives…..

    Some case manufacturers make silicone cases in different colors. Black for example doesn’t show lint and dust as much as the clear or white colored ones do.

    Also some come with plastic flip up covers to protect the screen as well.

    CAPDASE Soft Jacket

  3. Yes, you’re being picky 😉 There is no particular reason why I listed this as con in one review of one product, and not in another case. I dunno, must have been my mood at the time I was writing it.

    I actually disagree with you concerning the color and whether or not lint shows. Black shows lint more in my opinion.

  4. I found a couple of cases that I like that are similar to your Brando reviewed case, except this skin tight case has a removable screen cover and a holster…$35. Three colors.
    I also like the BoxWave FlexiSkin case because it has a lanyard cord and also can come w/ or w/o a clip…although the screen is exposed.
    best picture is at:
    I ordered the Skin Tight Case From Speck Products. Good enough for a start. If I get sick 😡 of the hard plastic screen protector I may go buy the BoxWave case and use it with the Speck Products holster.
    BTW, BoxWave also has an awesome charge adaptor!

    This with that retractable sync cord with the integrated sync button and I will be good to go!


  5. I strongly advise against the Boxwave Flexi Skin. It’s very junky. Thin and cheap feeling. I tore one of them simply putting my device inside it for the first time. Most of the other brands (Javo Edge, Capdase, Brando) are much thicker are more durable. I know the Javo Edge also comes with the lanyard.

  6. Good review Julie!

    I’ve been thinking of getting a squishy case (maybe silicone, maybe a vaja leather) for my Treo 600 now that my egrips have finally temped me into peeling them off.

    Brando’s stuff is pretty good at a reasonable price. I’m not especially fond of the web store’s interface though. It’s extremely non-intuitive to me. I’m really on the prowl for a retractable firewire cable and can’t navagate the site!

  7. I received my Speck Products SkinTight case Monday (Brown didn’t knock on my door hard enough Friday so I had to wait the whole weekend…UPS). I really like this case. The skin is nice and thick (maybe 8mm or so) and all the cutouts are right.

    Only thing is I got blue case so the icons on the buttons are hard to see (don’t know if frosted white is better). It has some molded in grips on the sides for your fingers as they wrap around the Treo. The removable hard plastic screen cover fits great…only thing is I put it on backward for half the day so it was not sitting flush in the cutout and was not secured as well. Once I turned it around it fits perfectly. Also, I need to line the inside of my holster with felt or something so the screen cover does not scratch against the inside of the holster.

    I am going to find a lanyard cord and either use the antenna hole and the side button hole to secure it or I may get a leather puncher and know two tiny holes in the case.

    The holster is kinda big but if you turn it horizontal then it is not so bad since the skin adds a little bulk to the Treo. The skin tight case, screen cover and holster was $35 and the skin comes in three colors.

  8. Thanks so much for the review. I ordered the blue one and it’s great! Meets my specific needs. I was using my 650 without a case and keeping in my purse pocket, but was a tad worried about scratches. This case is a good solution. It certainly retains the form factor. The blue adds just a splash of color without being gawdy. The buttons work fine through it just like you reported. Thanks again.

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