Brando iPod nano Silicone Case

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The Brando Apple iPod nano case / skin / protector is extremely similar to the Pivot iPod nano case already reviewed here. Available in 9 different colors: White, Green, Purple, Brown, Light Blue, Orange, Blue, Black, and Pink, this skin has the same design except for 3 differences…

brando ipod nano skin3

Difference #1 is the addition of a second strap eyelet and location of eyelets. Instead of being located at the bottom of the skin, they are located at the top (like ears). The included plastic covered cord with metal lobster clips, clip to the eyelets to allow you to wear the nano like a necklace.

brando ipod nano skin1
brando ipod nano skin2

Difference #2 is that the click wheel does not have a cutout. Instead, there is a thin silicone covering over the wheel that still allows for play-through access. The extra layer of material over the wheel does not hinder scrolling or button pressing whatsoever.

brando ipod nano skin4
brando ipod nano skin6

Difference #3 is that Brando is charging $17 for one skin, while PDAir is only charging $8. Not sure the covering over the click wheel is worth the extra $9 charge… Maybe if there was also a covering over the display which really needs the most protection.

brando ipod nano skin5

I like this skin just as well as the Pivot skin as they are the same (save the covering over the click wheel). It also works fine with my DLO TransPod and regular iPod dock. I say go for the Pivot skin as it is less expensive and you two of them.


Product Information

  • Apple iPod nano
  • Easy to put on / take off
  • Protects against stratches
  • $17 is expensive for just 1 skin

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  2. One thing you don’t seem to have noticed is that the Brando case is designed for display while the other one is designed for use. This is mainly because of the lanyard hole positioning: the Brando case/necklace is designed for display to other people where they can admire your personal ‘jewellery’ as it sits on your chest. The other one is designed so when you glance down you can see the screen and don’t have to twist it round in your hand.

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