Proclip Belt Clip Holster vs. Seidio Shield Holster

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Proclip Belt Clip Holster

(Horizontal and Vertical) for Treo 650 (Proclip item number
229012) vs.

Seidio Shield Holster

for Treo 650

I purchased two clips to hold my new GSM Treo 650 on my belt. Since the Treo
650 is bigger than my old phone, I purchased the horizontal version of the
Proclip. The Seidio only comes in a swivel version. They differ in both in the
belt attachment and the main clip that holds the Treo. Because of the different
bodies, there’s a difference in how you take the Treo out and put it in.

Belt Attachment

I once purchased a case with a clip that was not spring-loaded and lost the
device I was carrying within 24 hours. Never again. Both of these clips have a
heavy spring-loaded clip, unlikely to fall off my belt in the normal course of
squeezing into cramped airplane seats.

I have a worn a cell phone on the left side of my belt for years, so I was
dismayed to find that the Proclip was designed to be worn on the right side. A
swivel attachment is included, but it makes the Proclip stick out much farther.
The fixed clip is contoured and about 8mm to 12mm thick, while the swivel clip
is straight, clunky, and 20mm thick.

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6501 
procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6502 
procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6503

Proclip swivel clips

By contrast, the Seidio is swivel-only and the swivel "clicks" into place at
seven positions, 0 degrees (vertical), 30 degrees, 60 degrees, 90 degrees
(horizontal), 120 degrees, 150 degrees, and 180 degrees (horizontal). This makes
it easy to wear the Seidio on the left or right side.

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6504 

Seidio swivel clip


Both clips are designed to hold the Treo with its display facing the body of
the clip, affording some protection against scratches.

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6505


The body of the Proclip is diamond shaped. In photos on the website, this
appealed to me because it looked smaller and less obtrusive the big rectangle of
the Seidio. The problem is that the diamond doesn’t fully cover the face of the
Treo 650 and it fits too loosely for my taste. The Proclip allows the Treo to
rattle around a little bit. Not much, but enough for me to be concerned about
how it will fit in a year.

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6506 
procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6507

The body of the Seidio looks clumsier in photos, but offers practical
protection for the face of the Treo and does not seem too big in use. The Treo
fits into it more snugly than it fits the Proclip.

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6508 
procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 6509

Both clips allow headphones to be attached before the Treo is inserted into
the clip (or after, for that matter).

Out and In

Putting the Treo in is easy with either clip but removing it is easier with
the Seidio. Both clips require that one end go in first. The Seidio requires
that the bottom of the Treo go in first, while the Proclip requires that the top
go in first (else it will pop the SD card).

procilp holster vs seidio holster treo 65010 

In both cases, you press the Treo into the clip and it snaps into place. Then
you have to press on a piece of plastic, a tab, to release it. Here is a major
difference between these two clips. It’s natural to use your forefinger on the
Seidio tab while holding the Treo between your thumb and other fingers, but the
Proclip instruction sheet suggests using your ring finger, middle finger, or
pinky, while holding the Treo between thumb and other fingers. I was too clumsy
to do this successfully, so I finally just started using my forefinger and
taking the Treo out upside down, then turning it right side up.


The Proclip is more flimsy and offers less protection for the Treo and
requires that you wear it on your right side and be dexterous with your pinky.
I’m keeping the Seidio.

p.s. Proclip mainly does car mounts and this is compatible with their car
mounts, but it leaves the Treo facing away from you. I think the traditional
car-mount position is with the display facing toward you so you can look at
phone numbers or play lists while driving like a maniac. Come to think of it,
maybe facing away from you is a feature!


Price: $24.95 for the
Proclip Belt
Clip Holster
$27.95 for the
Seidio Shield Holster



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