Have you ever heard of the phrase “Purse on the floor, always be poor”? Probably not… I propose a new version of this old adage: “Phone on the floor, always be poor” I can say from personal experience that nearly every time I have left my phone on the floor I have become slightly less… Read More

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I love gadgets. I love my Wii. Since the release of the Nintendo Wii in November 2006, there has been several gadgets developed to make the whole Wii experience even better. When I found out that Brando stocked many of these accessories, I begged Julie to ask Brando for the opportunity to try some of… Read More


Like several gadgets that I have reviewed, I am often attracted to products originally designed for children. Many children’s gadgets are brightly colored and are simply designed which makes them visually appealing. The ShowerPets Starfish Water and Temperature monitor naturally fits into these categories, Plus… Who wouldn’t want a starfish to hang out in your… Read More


Otterbox iPod Swim Kit

iPods are a great way to lessen the monotony of exercise. Their compact size makes them easy to carry with you nearly anywhere. However, electronics and water tend not go together which makes using an iPod while swimming problematic. After my recent arm surgeries I have have been swimming regularly as rehabilitation. It’s a good workout, but quite boring. Since one of my new year’s resolutions is not to electrocute myself, I was very interested in trying out the Otterbox iPod Swim Kit.

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Working in the technology industry, I get a fair amount of products in the mail. Over time, I have become less enthusiastic about package deliveries. I love opening boxes and trying new things, but I no longer obsessively check tracking numbers multiple times a day or intercept the delivery man as he is walking up to my sidewalk. However, there are still a few products that I await the arrival of with bated breath: in this instance, a Vaja leather case for my iPhone.

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I’m such a loser. All my friends and family agree with me: I have a terrible habit of losing USB thumb drives. Not only have I left them in the most unlikely of places, but I have also laundered them, stepped on them, and even left them out in the rain. A few of the drives I’ve owed over the years have included a neck lanyard, but I’ve never used them because they look so ugly.

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In my mind I have two classifications of gadgets: ones that are tools and ones that are toys. Most of my favorite gadgets are both.

In preparation for a upcoming review, I needed to buy an infrared thermometer. I debated buying one of these “touchless” thermometers a few years ago, but eschewed the idea because the few available for consumers were expensive, bulky and rather ugly. Professional models, like the Fluke 63, were less unsightly but even more expensive and cumbrous.


I am a huge fan of white LEDs. Light Emitting Diodes are bright, compact, and require little power, which makes them perfect for small spaces. While reorganizing my utility closet last winter, I became frustrated that it did not have any built-in source of light. Briefly contemplating the idea of rewiring of my house, I decided to look for a battery powered light source made to stick to a wall or ceiling.


Since when does the package need to resemble what is inside? I for one wouldn’t like fish-shaped sushi or a cow-shaped hamburger. So why do electronics cases have to be the same shape as the gadgets they protect? So when I saw that Speck made a toroid-shaped case for the Gen 2 iPod Shuffle, I thought it might be fun to give it a try.


DaysAgo Digital Day Counter

“Don’t worry honey, I just fed the dog for today”
“Um.. I already fed the dog two hours ago!”

This type of conversation is a common one in my household. From feeding the dog to cleaning out the fridge, it can be complicated to keep track of it all. When I saw the DaysAgo timer, I knew that I had try one as soon as possible, so that we could stave off potential canine obesity in my household.


Kaftan iPod Cases

Even though the iPod is the most popular MP3 player, each person’s iPod is unique on the inside. The iPod’s clean exterior design makes it another perfect canvas for customization.


I’m a big fan of USB gadgets. From the whimsical to the practical, I find them all fascinating. When I saw that Elgato condensed one of their EyeTV tuners into a USB dongle, I began to daydream of watching live network TV while sitting in a coffee shop or in a laundromat. “Never again will I miss an important football game!” I thought to myself while handing over my credit card.


Canvas, Cordura, Leather, Silk?

No, there is nothing wrong with your RSS feed, you are reading a review on silk gear bag. Yes, it is indeed possible to have a practical bag made of silk.


Some cellphone cases are designed to be stylish, some cases are designed with function in mind. Some companies eschew size for durability and design cases to conform with military specifications for protection against impact, dust, and water. Otterbox is one of those companies.


Hard plastic cases have become very popular accessories for MP3 players, cell phones and other types of handheld electronics. They provide protection as well as personalization for the gadgets that we love and abuse daily.