Kensington Pocket Presenter Wireless Laser

I’ve recently had to give several presentations using MS PowerPoint and Keynote. Although nothing replaces preparation and knowledge in a successful presentation, a good gadget can go a long way to give your lecture professional polish.

Knomo Cholet Laptop Bag

When I recently replaced my Powerbook for a Macbook Pro, I realized that the laptop compartment of several of my gearbags was too short in length to accommodate my new machine. I’ve been looking at Knomo’s line of bags for several months and my new upgrade was to perfect excuse to give the Cholet a try.

Madsonline Lucille Apple Powerbook/iBook AC Adapter

Power adapters. These bulky bricks are a necessary evil for electronics, even more so for gadget lovers. My gear bag is daily weighed down by several power adapters and when I travel my bag contains at least 5-6 adapters.

Many devices are now able to be charged via USB or Firewire, but on a laptop ports can be a premium. Additionally, many laptops do not charge external devices while in sleep mode.