WaterField iPod Gear Pouches (updated)

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If you own an Apple iPod, chances are that you have also amassed a nice collection of iPod accessories to go along with the most popular digital music player on the planet. Things like an iTrip, iTalkretractable sync / charge cables and extra earbuds are all useful items to have with you at all times, but just throwing them willy nilly into your gear bag is just not the way a Gadgeteer should do things. A much more elegant solution are the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouches. Available in large and small sizes, these Ballistic Nylon zippered pouches are large enough to hold all your iPod necessities and then some.

Available with White, Blue, Red and Lead colored herringbone style sides, this mostly black pouch is 10″ x 5.3″ x 1″. I was sent the Lead version which is just a fancy way of saying that the sides are grey.

waterfield ipod gear pouch1

With the main zipper along the top edge, a second zipper across the front and an understated logo, this pouch has a pleasingly simple design that can fit into any setting.

waterfield ipod gear pouch2

The back of the pouch is completely plain. Two wide grip loops are sewn into the top left corner and mid right side.

waterfield ipod gear pouch3

The front interior wall of the main zippered area has 3 soft Neoprene sleeves sewn into it. I say sleeves because the bottoms are open and not attached to the bottom of the pouch. This is probably my one and only complaint about this gear pouch.

waterfield ipod gear pouch4

The sleeves are different sizes. The outer ones are are large enough to hold an iPod in a case and the middle one is fine for smaller accessories. Of course, there’s lots of room left over in the area outside the sleeves for more stuff. The back wall of the pouch is orange, which allows you to more easily see the contents.

waterfield ipod gear pouch5

There’s even more storage in the zippered area on the front of the pouch. Behind this zipper are two mesh pockets that are great for earbuds and other cabled items.

It should be obvious that you don’t HAVE to use this gear pouch just for iPod gear. Actually the reason why I asked to review it was because Judie mentioned it might work as a lunchtime carryall (I’m not going to call it a purse) for me. I don’t carry a purse to work or at all. I have all my junk in my current gear bag. The problem is that when I want to go out for lunch that I need something that can hold my billfold, sunglasses, car keys, cell phone, chapstick and card key to get back into work. It goes without saying that I’m not going to stuff all that stuff into my jeans pockets! Yes, I could just use a purse, but I’ve yet to find one that didn’t look too froo-froo for me ;o) Anyway, this pouch didn’t really work out for me as a carryall. Besides the fact that I looked like I was carrying around a guys shaving kit, I found it a bit annoying to carry it crammed into my arm pit when I needed to have both hands available. So it’s back to the drawing board for me…

For its intended use, the Waterfield iPod Gear Pouch has worked great at holding all of my iPod gear and other gear in my main gear bag. The workmanship is great and the pockets / sleeves allow for easy separation of my stuff. The only thing I would change would be to sew the main pockets into the bottom of the pouch. That said, this pouch is going to be a permanent resident in my gear bag.

Price: $35.00

Holds a lot of gear

Pockets in main compartment are open at the bottom

The smaller sized (7.75 x 3.75 x 1.2 in.) iPod pouch is available in 5 colors: Blue, Celeste (green), Lead, Checkers (red) and Taxi (yellow). I received the case in Blue.

waterfield ipod gear pouch7

Like the larger version of this pouch, the small pouch has a zipper that runs along the top edge. The zipper has a plastic pull and has smooth action.

waterfield ipod gear pouch8

The back of the pouch is completely plain. Two wide finger grip loops are sewn into the top left corner and mid right side.

waterfield ipod gear pouch9

Inside the pouch there are four separate soft neoprene pockets that can hold various accessories such as ear buds, sync / charge cables, AC adapter, etc. Of course, there is room to hold the iPod too.

waterfield ipod gear pouch10

Unlike the larger version of this pouch, the pockets are totally sewn into the interior. No open bottoms. Yay!

Price: $29.00

Holds a lot of gear for such a small pouch


Updates 09/12/17

Wow, I’ve had this small pouch for 12 years. I use it every day in my gear bag (Timbuk 2 Messenger). Even though this pouch was originally intended for iPod gear, I use it to organize little items like cables and USB flash drives. It also holds an Altoids tin full of even smaller items.

The small pouch still looks as good as new, which means I’ll probably still be using it for another 12 years 🙂

Source: The sample for this review was provided by Waterfield. Please visit their site for more info.


Product Information

  • Apple iPods (any model)
  • Holds a lot of gear
  • (Large size)Pockets in main compartment are open at the bottom

8 thoughts on “WaterField iPod Gear Pouches (updated)”

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  2. Everything I have ever bought from Waterfield has been top notch. I have their iPod Mini case that looks just like this (except) it’s blue and it’s great for traveling. These pictures would have been better if you would have had some with an iPod and other things actually in the pouch.

  3. tthiel:

    I was having a real problem last night taking pictures of that pouch. I don’t know what the deal was, but it just wasn’t working for me. I really need to reshoot them.

  4. Julie:

    There are several neat pouches that might meet your needs. Check out the Eagle Creek site at


    One example would be the Check Out Pouch. It can be carried on a belt or over the shoulder. I’ve used an essentially identical (save for color–mine is pine green) to carry a candybar cel phone, PDA, pens, checkbook, etc. It might work for your sunglasses. You might be able to find Eagle Creek bags and pouches at local travel or outdoor stores. I like to handle the bags in person, as the pictures usually don’t show the interior.

    Eagle Creek also has padded pouches that would provide more protection.

    I have a lot of pouches–horizontal, vertical, belt-loops, shoulder straps, etc.–that I’ve tried out. The one I now use is by Lewis N. Clark, the Bicentennial Travel Organizer.


    The eBags site has more pictures, including the interior:


    I carry a slim glasses case (reading glasses), Palm Tungsten C, cel phone, checkbook (in a neat hidden pocket), and lots of little items. There is a zippered pocket on the outside of the flap and a long zippered mesh pocket on the inside of the flap where I carry little stuff, including stamps. Behind the phone pouch is a zippered slip pocket that fits 4×6 index cards perfectly. The interior of the main pouch is lined with a soft fabric to avoid scratching things.

    Oh, and this is NOT a purse. Guys don’t carry purses. 😀

    George Slusher
    Eugene, OR

  5. GSlusher:

    Thanks for the links. The Lewis and Clark bag looks better to me than the other one. But neither ‘do it’ for me. I am almost ready to get the sewing machine out and try to fashion something myself.

  6. So I came across your post about the timbuk2 bag and I have been using mine for about a year. However what caught my eye is the cool Waterfield gear pouch. I nearly flipped out. I have been patchin my own tech bag together and cannot find a good solution. This was it. I cannot say enough about this bag. I love it. T

    Thank you so much. I travel a lot and you have made my year.

    1. David:
      Waterfield makes great little zippered pouches don’t they? I really love their stuff! So handy! Glad the review helped you find them! 🙂

  7. I came across this and found the post extremely helpful too, Julie. Thanks. I just ordered a smattering of their pouches and am looking forward to finally organizing all the gear and other junk that currently floats around my bag. I ended up going for these three:


    http://www.sfbags.com/products/6×9/6×9.htm (Wow, what a bargain!)

    http://www.sfbags.com/products/iphonetravelcase/iphonetravelcase.htm (The large one.)

    I have a feeling I’ll be back for more soon. Cheers!

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