Judie’s Gear Diary – 2005-10-16

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Alex Kac, the president and founder of Web Information Services, Inc, and the developer of my
all-time favorite Pocket PC Personal Information
Management application, Pocket Informant, sent this email out today:

years ago today Pocket Informant was
first released

It has been an exciting time! We’ve
supported Windows Mobile since the original Pocket PC came out and in the next
week we plan to release our fully Windows Mobile 5 compatible release!

We will be celebrating by selling Pocket
at our year 2000 price of $19.95 for the next week! All of
our other software that cost more than $10 will be $10 cheaper as well
(i.e. Money and JS won’t be free ]8^|)
We’ll make this special
available on our secure store only
No coupon is necessary – its automatically priced at our store. Ends October

It would literally take pages for me to describe all of the features
and reasons why PI has been and continues to be my favorite PPC PIM. But for
starters: Alex is one of the most responsive developers I have ever known – he
will immediately find a way to fix a problem or add a clever bit of usability to
his programs as they are are discovered. He is friendly, responsive, dedicated
to his craft and even though he makes his programs as tweakable and personalized
as any geek could possibly want, he also makes them simple enough for any newbie
to comprehend.

Download the
free trial and see what you think

Personally, I am glad to see that the full Windows Mobile 5 compatible
release is coming next week. I have been running the latest Beta on my PPC-6700
and although I haven’t had any issues at all (knocking on wood as I write
that!), there is just more peace of mind when running a full "public-consumption" version. :0)

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