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In Your Face iPhone/Touch Stand Review

To preface this review, for months I have been thinking about MacGyvering a device that could safely and securely hold my iPod Touch while I run on the treadmill. So, when Julie posted the Spotlight Gadget blurb on the In Your Face (IYF) iPhone/iPod Touch Stand I quickly asked if they wanted me to try …

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BeeJive IM Review

I’ve always wondered why Apple’s Messages app on the iPhone didn’t support IM like iChat. I’ve tried a couple different IM apps on the iPhone, but never found one I liked and for some reason I never saw or heard of BeejiveIM. That is until the recent news stories showing pirated versions of the app popping …

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Yamaha PDX-60 Portable Player Dock for iPhone/iPod Review

My 5 disc Denon CD changer hasn’t been powered on in several years and my 200+ CD collection has been sitting idle on a shelf for just as long. It’s not that I don’t listen to music anymore, just the opposite. Now I listen to everything on my iPod or iPhone through whichever compatible speaker …

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WikiReader Review

Back before the Internets were invented by Al Gore, we couldn’t just look up information on a computer when we had questions about people, places and things. In those days our ‘google’ was a set of Encyclopedia Britannica books. Today, all that same info that we used to look up in multiple volumes of hardbound …

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Saddleback Leather Company Pouch Review

My reviews of Saddleback Leather Company bags have proved to be very popular on The Many of our readers who have gone on to purchase their products have written back to let us know that they have been more than happy with them. Today I wanted to do a quick review of one of …

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Blackberry ER: A Recovery Utility

PocketMac has a long history of useful applications, and now they offer a tool to help you recover a lost Smartphone- Blackberry ER. Considering how much personal info there is on the typical Blackberry, this is potentially a very handy tool.