Back in 2012, Ian Lim did a news post on a product called the SOLOSHOT, which was a device that attached to your video recorder and allowed it to track your movement wirelessly via an armband that the device tracked. One issue with the original device was the fact that you had to provide the… Read More

The SJCAM X1000 is another affordable action camera, or POV camera, that is biting on the heels of more popular and expensive action cameras. With the x1000’s features and picture quality, this is a camera that could be an inexpensive alternative to higher-priced cameras such as the ever-popular GoPro. Right off the bat, the X1000… Read More

My first impression on the i60 from ThiEYE was that it was going to be another POV action camera. Although it is similar to other cameras on the market, the i60 has some unique features of its own that makes it stand out from the rest. The i60 has the typical rectangle matchbox shape. It… Read More