Get the perfect video shot with the SOLOSHOT3

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Back in 2012, Ian Lim did a news post on a product called the SOLOSHOT, which was a device that attached to your video recorder and allowed it to track your movement wirelessly via an armband that the device tracked. One issue with the original device was the fact that you had to provide the video camera. Fast forward to 2016 and SOLOSHOT has now come up with the SOLOSHOT3. What makes the SOLOSHOT3 different from the previous versions of this device is that it now includes a 25x or 65x optical zoom camera. 

Both versions of the SOLOSHOT3 come with:

  • SOLOSHOT3 base
  • Either a 25x or 65 X optical zoom camera
  • USB charging cable
  • SOLOSHOT3 tag (used to track the action)
  • Armband and clip

You will notice that unlike the first version of the SOLOSHOT, the SOLOSHOT3 does not come with a tripod. The SOLOSHOT3 is available for $467.22 for the 25x optical zoom version and $701.22 for the 65x optical zoom version from the SOLOSHOT webpage.

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