SOLOSHOT – Get yourself in the action

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Can’t find a camera person willing to film all your heroic exploits?  SOLOSHOT has you covered. The SOLOSHOT sits between your camera and tripod (included) and uses a wireless waterproof armband to track its subject.  It’s capable of rotating 360 degrees with a maximum pan speed of 40 degrees per second. Range is up to 2000 feet (600 m), and it’s been tested with a racing car up to 143 mph (230 kmh).  It has a 5 hour battery life.

Of course you do need to set your tilt and zoom manually before you begin, and you might still actually need someone to sit and look after it so it doesn’t go missing (it can be chained to an immovable object). 🙂

The unit is available direct from SOLOSHOT for  $479.

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