When you travel as much as I do, the ability to shut off the outside world and immerse yourself in music or a movie is not just important, it is a necessity.  And when hear about a small, lightweight product which claims up to 60 hours of battery life, active noise cancelling, and all in… Read More

The more I review Focal earphones and headphones, the more impressed I become. Yeah, French speaker maker Focal makes outrageously priced products such as their $4,000 Utopia headphone—rated by many reviewers as the best headphone available today. But kudos to Focal for also offering affordable audio for the rest of us. Case in point: The… Read More

The Resonate earphones are the third pair I’ve reviewed from the UK based Rock Jaw audio company. For the last few years, Rock Jaw has made quite good, yet inexpensive earphones almost anyone can afford. The Genus and Clarito earphones have veered towards a warmer, more forgiving sound anyone but extreme bass heads could really… Read More

It’s always fun to watch an audio startup grow up and upset the aural landscape. Reid Heath Ltd. (RHA) has been doing just that with good to great earphones. Their MA150, MA350, MA450i, S500i, MA600i, MA750i and T10i earphones all sound like they cost more than they do. Plus the MA 750i and T10i are built like… Read More

British audio company Rock Jaw’s Genus earphones impressed me not only with audio that sounded better than the price would indicate, but the Genus also offered a set of filters for the ultimate customization. However, as I’ve discovered with most earphones that come with filters—once you find one you like, that’s the one you stick… Read More

It seems that most gadgets, in general, are available at different price tiers. Speakers, quad-copters, cameras, pens, and tablets are all available from tens to thousands of dollars. The more costly versions of each will have better quality, provide more features, and perhaps provide the brand recognition that the consumer desires.  The characteristic quality, features and… Read More

I like to listen to music and podcasts through earphones or headphones while I’m at work, but when someone comes up to talk to me, they either startle me or I have to remove the earphones to hear them. My solution to this problem has been to put only one earphone in my ear and leave the other one… Read More

Is it me or does the name “Campfire Audio” sound a like bit like an oxymoron? High-end audio and the natural world of a camp fires don’t seem to go together—or do they? When you consider that nothing is more organic or natural as sound, then maybe comparing sound to fire isn’t much of a… Read More

Phiaton is one of those audio companies that constantly and consistently releases new models of interesting earphones and headphones. Just when you’ve gotten used to one headphone, it’s been discontinued and another has taken its place. Their headphones and earphones are also some of the prettiest designs available, although the earphone’s beauty is mostly hidden… Read More

When I want to listen to music, I prefer over-the-ear headphones, but those are not really a good fit when out and about. I’ve used both of Apple’s earbuds/pods that came with the iPhone’s I’ve owned over the years, plus many others, trying to find that sweet spot of durability, good sound, and sound isolation… Read More

I’ve always liked Phiaton’s earphones and headphones, Their MS 100 BA balanced armature earphones are one of the best bargains available. The Chord MS 530 headphones are a comfortable pair of Bluetooth/Noise canceling headphones that look as good as they sound. Phiaton has adapted the noise canceling tech for their BT 100 NC earphones. Bluetooth… Read More

I’m going to say this right up front. I really like hybrid earphones. I like the warm bass that the dynamic speaker provides. I like the accuracy the armature speaker is able to replicate. And I like that when used together, these two different speaker technologies give the best of both worlds. It’s never a… Read More

There are earphones with tunable filters and there are earphones with a hybrid (dynamic plus armature speaker) design. But it’s rare to see hybrid combined with filters in the same earphone. And it’s way more rare to see all this in an affordable package! Well, it’s not that rare anymore. The Trinity Delta Hybrid is… Read More

As much as I like people to read reviews and consider expert opinions on headphones and earphones, this reviewer is not the definitive word on what is the best headphone. No reviewer is. Headphones are only as good as the user thinks they are. So then—if any reviewer (including me) is not the final word… Read More

  I have been a fan of Klipsch earphones ever since I bought their S4 model a few years ago. I became a true believer when I got the X10i earphones. They still remain one of my all-time favorite earphones I’ve reviewed. Rather than rest on this success,  Klipsch has been expanding their model range… Read More