Reid Heath Acoustics (RHA) is a an audio company with a problem. They can’t seem to let a new earphone be their signature product for more than a few months before they come up with one that tops that. Don’t these guys ever rest? Apparently not, because their excellent T10 earphone released less than a… Read More

I consider myself an average person with an average budget for headphones (around $60 or less) and I’ve been fairly happy with my purchases. I’ve shied away from trying out more expensive ones in the stores because I haven’t been prepared to spend premium dollars on them and I didn’t want to spoil my blissful… Read More

Another day, another review of earphones with tunable filters. What was once a rare occurrence isn’t uncommon anymore. RHA, Torque and others have jumped on the filter express and it doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. British audio company Rock Jaw has now made the filter leap with its Alfa Genus earphone. The Alfa Genus… Read More

French company Focal makes some stunning, but outrageously expensive speakers, but they also make way less expensive headphones that not only sound great, but are well built and extremely comfortable. Now Focal has focused on the in-ear market with the new Sphear. Sphear was designed to have Focal’s “Spirit of Sound” signature that’s incorporated into… Read More

Years ago Janet wrote about Zipbuds tangle-free zipper earbuds (they literally looked like a zipper). Now Zipbuds has introduced their Slide tangle-free earbuds in addition to their zipper style earphones. They have a “friction-free” slider that seals the cables together making them tangle-proof and they have ZBXi Ultimate Drivers which “have been precision-tuned to deliver an… Read More

When a company has a successful product launch and needs funding for follow-up products, more and more of them are turning to funding sites like Kickstarter. Kickstarter has been responsible for many successful product launches; the most famous probably being Neil Young’s PONO music player. In 2013, I reviewed the Torque t103z in-ear-headphones and was… Read More

As earphones become ubiquitous in our daily lives for music on the go, it becomes more important than ever to consider sound quality. Are we getting the best sound for our money? Probably not. Is there better audio available than what we get from our stock ear buds that came free with our smartphones? You… Read More

In today’s high-end earphone market everyone tries to have a hook or a gimmick to compete against the perceived king of the hill in headphones and earphones. Pump Audio, a UK company and a fairly new comer to the high-end earphone market, decided to take the market’s front-runner head on by comparing their earphones to… Read More

I’m locked in a constant struggle with my earbuds–they just fall out of my ears. I’ve lost count of how many aftermarket earbuds with all sorts of tips I’ve tried out over the years. Evidently there are others who struggle with similar issues, because Comply Foam Tips makes a variety of earphone tips for people… Read More

“If the rain comes comes, they run and hide their heads.” When I think of thinksound’s new Rain2 earphones, I always think of the iconic Beatles’ song, “Rain”. I don’t know why, except that the Rain2 earphones serve as a counterpoint to the song—in my head, at least. It means that while the song, “Rain,”… Read More

I have trouble keeping my earphones in my ears while working out and constantly have to reposition them which is indeed an exercise in futility! ;-) Decibullz Custom Molded Earphone Adapters are an elegant, inexpensive solution to this tedious problem. You can replace your standard silicone tips from earphones that have a straight nozzle with… Read More

I’ve been searching for a good pair of wireless earbuds for a while now. So far, I’ve tried two pairs out. They both were OK, but neither were too useful. The first thing that caught my eye with the Mpow Petrel Bluetooth earbuds was the wings used to stabilize the earbuds. My wired Bose headphones… Read More

When I’m considering a new pair of earphones, I usually skip the in-ear variety because they seem to always fall out of my ears and I don’t like the noise isolation feature that they usually possess. When Moshi Audio approached me to ask if I would be interested in reviewing their Clarus earphones, their ear loop… Read More

For me, buying earphones is as tough as buying a new pair of sneakers. When it comes to sneakers, I’m picky about the way they look, the way they fit and how comfortable they are to wear. I’m just as picky about selecting a pair of earphones. Comfort and sound are equally important to me when it comes to choosing… Read More

Just because you may be north of the equator, that doesn’t mean you’re more knowledgeable or have better taste in the world of audio. Case in point: Audiofly. These chaps from down under (that would be Australia) have been cranking out reasonable priced, yet highly regarded earphones for a few years. Now Audiofly is reaching… Read More