Make your earphones an integral part of your ears

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I have trouble keeping my earphones in my ears while working out and constantly have to reposition them which is indeed an exercise in futility! 😉 Decibullz Custom Molded Earphone Adapters are an elegant, inexpensive solution to this tedious problem. You can replace your standard silicone tips from earphones that have a straight nozzle with these that are perfectly molded to your ears. These adapters are molded by placing them in three inches of boiling water for five minutes one at a time (two will stick together). You then remove it with a metal spoon (the softened material will stick to other material) and place it on a towel for 30 seconds (not a paper towel because again it will stick) until it is cool enough to handle. Once it has cooled, snap it onto the correct side earphone, then using a mirror, mold it to the area of your ear that surrounds the ear canal (the concha), and let it rest in your ear for five minutes. If you don’t get it right the first time, you can remold it again and again until you do. If the mold covers or alters the sound of your headphones, it can be removed by using a hair dryer. There are two sizes from which to choose. The BZ100 set will fit earphones like Jaybird Bluebuds X, Plantronics Backbeat GO 2 , Skullcandy Smokin’ Buds, LG Tone Pro HBS-750 , and Samsung Galaxy S5 Earphones. The BZ200 set will fit earphones like Soul Republic JAX, Beats by Dre Ur Beats, Earpollution Plugz, and JVC: Marshmallow. For more information or to purchase a pair for $14.99, please visit

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  2. I don’t wear ear buds, but I do use a bluetooth for my phone, during work, 8-10 hours per day. After suffering from a sore ear, because this insert or another didn’t quite fit, I just said screw it and ordered a custom fit ear insert. On this one, you got two small trays of a gray glob and a blue glob. Mix together, shove in your ear and wait 10 minutes, send it off and 3 days later I had my custom fit insert for my bluetooth. Haven’t had an ear ache in years. custom fit is the only way, if you have something shoved in your ear most of the day.

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