I scream, you scream, we all scream for iced coffee drinks

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I love iced coffee drinks from Starbucks, but they do get expensive, especially when you have three coffee drinkers in the family.  You can make your own iced coffee drinks from coffee you brew at home with the Zoku Iced Coffee Maker and save tons of money.  You just pour fresh-brewed coffee into the pre-chilled travel container, put on the special insulating sleeve, and you’ll have a perfectly chilled coffee – or tea – drink in just a few minutes.  The mug is BPA- and phthalate-free, and it comes with a tight-fitting, spill-resistant lid and a durable acrylic sipping straw.

The Zoku Iced Coffee Maker mug is $29.95 exclusively at Williams-Sonoma.

6 thoughts on “I scream, you scream, we all scream for iced coffee drinks”

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  2. I know the image comes from Zoku or William Sonoma, but what are those white things in the bowl on the right?

    Are they marshmallows? Are they marshmallows? ARE THEY MARSHMALLOWS? There’s no marshmallows! THERE’S NO MARSHMALLOWS IN COFFEE!

    Just saw Tom Hanks on the James Corden show.

  3. OF COURSE!!!

    I’ve been drinking coffee with artificial sweeteners for so long I didn’t recognize them. But I wouldn’t put sugar cubes in the iced coffee.

  4. If you like iced coffee, try cold brewed coffee using a Toddy café. Cold brewed coffee is made with cold water instead of hot water. One of the benefits is that the acid level is greatly reduced resulting in a sweeter less bitter flavor. Most coffee upsets my wife’s stomach. Cold brewed is the only method that doesn’t upset her stomach.

    With a Toddy Café, you put 1 lb ground coffee in the white container (with the filter and plug inserted) and cold water. Let the coffee brew for 12 to 24 hours (I prefer 24 hrs) in the refrigerator. When done brewing, pull the plug and let drain into the glass carafe.

    What you get is CONCENTRATED coffee. Don’t drink it straight, cut it 1/3 coffee to 2/3 water, because for one thing the caffeine content is higher. The concentrate will last a couple of weeks in the refrigerator.

    If you like iced coffee, then voila, it is already cold. If you want hot coffee, add 2/3 boiling water to 1/3 concentrate and you have hot coffee. The process is really easy, and the Toddy Café is generally $30 or so.

  5. I just make extra coffee each time and use what’s left to make coffee ice cubes. So each day in the summer I brew hot coffee then throw in those coffee ice cubes. No watering down at all.

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