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MonsterPod Digital Camera Tripod

If you are a photographer or snapshot enthusiast, you probably often find yourself in situations where a tripod would come in handy. This is especially true when you wish to include yourself in a group picture. The problem is that lugging around a tripod everywhere you go can be somewhat inconvenient. What if you had a tripod that stowed easily in a gear bag and could stick to almost anything? The MonsterPod claims to do just that. Let’s see if the claims are true.

Guard ID Vault

My first impressions of the Guard ID Vault were good; it looks like what it is supposed to do. Lock up your personal user information in a unit that looks like a lock. The unit plugs into a free USB port on your computer and stores your user names and passwords, so that it is not necessary to reenter this information each time you visit that particular web site.

HoMedics iCush Immersive Audio Sync Seat

Remember this past Spring when I reviewed the QUAD-Roller Massaging Cushion from HoMedics? Now this mostly home health product maker has branched out to create a home entertainment product. The iCush, is a what HoMedics describes as a immersive audio sync seat. Translated into plain gadgeteer speak, it’s a cushion that automatically vibrates to sound input, and has built in speakers.

RoboForm2Go USB Key

Anyone that uses the internet knows that passwords play a necessary
role in the online experience. On any given day a single person may
utilize dozens of passwords while accomplishing such mundane tasks
as making posts to a bulletin board, purchasing an item, or
checking their child’s school grades. Over time, unless the same
exact password is always used, managing this large number of
passwords and the sites for which they work will become a

HitchSafe Key Vault

This story is funny now, but when it first happened I was really upset…
A couple years ago, I was at the ranch making my rounds – checking water and making sure that the cows’ feeders had ample salt and minerals. I had brought my dachshund Trixie along for the day’s ride, and at one of my stops I had to get out and fix a trough float that was unseated and overflowing.
I didn’t turn the truck’s engine off. As I had hundreds of times before, I just hopped out with my tool box and left Trixie in the truck while she watched me through the window.
This truck had automatic locks and as it was a hot day, I had left the windows up with the air conditioner running.

MotionLingo ADEO GPS Fitness Trainer

I recently bought a Nordic Track treadmill, which I absolutely
love; not only does it have all of the expected features, it can
also accept iFit workout cards. These SD shaped cards offer
different workout programs with progressive levels of difficulty
along with the positive feedback of a trainer verbally telling me
what’s coming up, as the console displays what I have done. Largely
because of this type instant feedback, I have always preferred
walking on a treadmill to walking outdoors. But today I am going to
introduce a product that provides verbal feedback for many outdoor
activities, eliminating one of my main excuses for preferring to
exercise indoors.

Brando 512MB USB Flash Drive Laser Pen

The item I am going to talk about today has quickly become one of
my favorite gadgets; not only because it feeds my inner secret
agent fantasies, but also because it has proven to be very useful
and handy to own. At first glance, the Brando 512MB USB Flash Drive
Laser Pen looks similar to any other fat barreled writing implement
– with the exception of a small silver toned button next to the

Imation USB Clip Flash Drive

Has anyone else noticed the way that carabiners, once a tool used mainly by mountain climbers and other outdoorsy types have slowly been working their way into the mainstream? I have several water bottles with them attached, a pen, and even a travel wallet. I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone attached a carabiner to a flash memory drive, and this is actually an application that makes sense.

Sony Vaio VGN-UX50 uPC review

Ultra portable PCs (uPC) seem to be really hot right now. With
Microsoft’s Ultra Mobile PC (UMPC) / Origami devices being announced here there and everywhere, it looks like this product category has the potential to become as popular as PDAs were a few years ago.

Maybe… Exactly one year ago I reviewed the
Sony Vaio VGN-U71P ultra portable Windows XP PC. Despite a few minor complaints, that little guy made a very good travel companion. To this day I kick myself for deciding to get rid of it… Especially now that I don’t have even one Windows PC in the house any longer. Yes, Mac person here.

DYMO LabelWriter Twin Turbo

Does anyone truly enjoy visiting their local post office? I don’t think I’m the only person that doesn’t look forward to standing in line during my lunch hour or after work, just to buy a few stamps or to mail a package. As a result, in the past couple of years, I’ve used the USPS website to print my priority mail labels. This saves me wasting 30 minutes or more standing in line. But it always seems that I’m out of regular first class stamps, or if I do find unused stamps in a drawer, I’m never sure if they are the current value. Today I’m going to tell you about the DYMO LabelWriter Twin Turbo. This dual printer just might be the solution to all of your postage printing and label printing needs.

Walletex Wallet Flash 128MB Flash Drive

USB Flash based memory drives come in so many shapes and styles these days, it’s almost hard to remember the time when every computer didn’t have a USB port and a floppy disk was the most convenient way to transfer files between computers. Considering that USB ports are the only type port common to every …

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