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XO Skins Screen Protector

There sometimes seems to be a war or an evolutionary struggle between device screens and screen protector makers. Back in the early days of Palm PDA's, the screens were rather soft and you used a plastic stylus to write on them. They scratched easily so most of us used and recommended screen protectors. Store bought, home-made, [...]

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Ogio Renegade RSS

I am a bag-aholic. Somewhere deep in my reptile brain I seem to be convinced that if I find just the right bag, I can get perfectly organized and my life will make sense. OK, so far that has never happened, but the Ogio Renegade RSS backpack has come closer to my ideal than any [...]

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Honeywell HY-204 Cool and Refresh Fan

The HY-204 Febreze Freshness™ Cool & Refresh Fan from Honeywell promises to cool, eliminate odors, and freshen for whole-room comfort. Big promises for a small tower fan, so can it deliver? Physically, it is a pretty compact package: Dimensions: 7.40 x 7.40 x17.52 in Color: White or Graphite Gray (mine is white) Room Size: Small to Medium Speeds: 2 Other Features: Oscillation, deodorizing [...]

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One of the weirdest 'Catch 22's' of portable electronics is where do you put it when you are not holding it? Whether it is because your hands are full, your desk space is limited, or you have troubles holding things, we often crave some way to hold our devices just right exactly there. The SpiderArm [...]

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Bay Alarm Medical

A lot of people worry about getting help if something happens to them away from a phone. Maybe they are aging or becoming confused or forgetful. Perhaps they have limited mobility or a disability. Maybe they are concerned family members worried about their loved ones. One popular option is an emergency dialing system, like the [...]

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Desk Pet TankBot

One of my all-time favorite adult toys is the Plantraco Desktop Rover (I have the 'pre-laser tag' version, and sadly, they do not seem to sell this anymore. I liked it because it was a device I could play with on a desktop (hence the clever name) and imagine it being a Mars rover, or [...]

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Behringer Europort EPA40

One of the most valuable public speaking tips I have ever gotten was that sheer volume is a powerful ally. It allows you to roll right over room or ambient noise, it allows the listeners to more easily focus on the message, it allows you to better modulate your tone for effect, and it gives [...]

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Attop YD-711 Avatar Licensed RC Helicopter

Sigh. I love remote control stuff, especially helicopters, but I may well be the worst RC 'copter pilot ever. I got the cool looking YD-711 2.4GHz 4-channel Avatar licensed RC helicopter from Attop, and broke one of the blades within about 10 minutes of actual flight time. More on that later. The 'copter is packed in [...]

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CamelBak Groove Insulated

I'm a big believer in using refillable water bottles to stay hydrated, lose weight, be environmentally conscious, and so on, so we usually have half a dozen 32oz. wide-mouth bottles in the fridge. I've been thinking about upgrading my system though.  Our local water is a little hard (but still pretty tasty), but about once a month [...]

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Earth Day (April 22) not only reminds us to think about our impact on the Earth, it also signals the beginning of the travel season, so it is only natural to think about how to vacation in a more eco-friendly manner. How about a way to use your car, SUV, or mini-van instead of a [...]

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BufferBit Review


A drill-mounted polishing/buffing device may not be as cool or as 'gadget-y' as a lot of the stuff we review here, but there is something to be said for a well-made device that does its designated job very nicely.  The BufferBit kit is one of those not-so-fun but necessary items that keep you looking professional. [...]

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Eton Axis

A reliable emergency radio radio is a great idea for anyone. Something that will work even if you forgot to replace the batteries and that can get the weather bands can literally be a lifesaver in an emergency. The Eton Corporation, in conjunction with the American Red Cross, offers several radios that fit this need. [...]

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ThingSling Review


I'll admit that when I saw the ThingSling for the first time, I was not impressed - a small strap for the back of your phone? More basically - something else somebody wants to stick on my phone? I already have a case that demands I adhere some micro-Velcro to it, and a car mount [...]

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ChargeAll Wall Charger Review

ChargeAll Wall Charger

"One Charger. For All Your Devices." The ChargeAll Wall Charger combines a wall wart-type plug with about six feet of cord and ten built-in tips along with 'fast charge technology' that allows this one device to charge literally hundreds of different devices - phones, MP3 players, hand-held game systems, etc. - without additional tips or [...]

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CRKT Guppie Eat'N Tool

Sometimes you find the oddest things in the comments sections. In a review about an interchangeable blade multi-tool, someone mentioned the CRKT's ID Flex tool. When I looked that tool up, I was reminded about a tool I have long been interested in - the CRKT Guppie, a multi-tool designed around an adjustable wrench instead [...]

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