SwissRoomBox – A mini-RV inside your car!

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Earth Day (April 22) not only reminds us to think about our impact on the Earth, it also signals the beginning of the travel season, so it is only natural to think about how to vacation in a more eco-friendly manner. How about a way to use your car, SUV, or mini-van instead of a big old RV? The SwissRoomBox is a series of modules that fit in your car and act as a kitchen, dining room, bathroom, and bedroom in one package.

The bright red unit sells for about $4,000, but includes everything you need, including the dishes! It straps into your car and can be installed or removed in minutes and just needs an electrical connection to be complete. The power adapter runs a pump, heater, and power outlet.

SwissRoomBox configurations

$4,000 USD may be a bit steep, but when you compare it to the costs of buying and operating an RV, it makes more sense. I’ve seen and thought about lower-tech versions of this idea, but this is by far the coolest version I have seen!

4 thoughts on “SwissRoomBox – A mini-RV inside your car!”

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  2. Pretty but rather pricey. Interestingly I like to “collect”(wife’s opinion differs on the word used) old DIY and handyman type books and there were a lot of similar designs one could make in the past. I don’t know if I’d compare it a RV though ,maybe to a camper or trailer. I suppose for portability it’s a good concept, it’s like a Teardrop trailer but you don’t have to have as much space to store it. You know a good second purpose might be for tailgating, it could make little league or soccer games more interesting.

  3. Vladimir Estragon

    There is, of course, one critical thing missing, the one thing that you would gladly give up all of this other stuff for when you really need it.

  4. For much less than CHF8,600 (roughly US$9,370) I bought an awesome ’86 camper van on a Dodge B immortal chassis AND with propane propulsion conversion. Sleeps 4, has everything (including whatever Vladimir above was outlining as missing) and you can stretch inside (I’m 6’2″). Guess I’ll pass on their LEGO box… 😀

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