XO Skins Screen Protectors Review

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XO Skins Screen Protector

There sometimes seems to be a war or an evolutionary struggle between device screens and screen protector makers. Back in the early days of Palm PDA’s, the screens were rather soft and you used a plastic stylus to write on them. They scratched easily so most of us used and recommended screen protectors. Store bought, home-made, self-adhesive, wet film, rigid, soft… there were so many variations!

Now, screens are better but maybe even more exposed to harsh elements – and screen protectors have evolved as well. I was given the chance to try the XO Skin Screen Protector.

The company offers many sizes to fit most phones, tablets, cameras, fish finders, and so on. In some models, you can get a basic custom-fitted screen protector, or full-body armor. The cell phone sizes are generally $13.46 and $22.46 respectively. I was sent a cell phone protector and a tablet-sized model.

It comes as an “almost everything you need” kit – instructions, spray bottle of applicating fluid, squeegee card, and the film. You’ll need a microfiber wipe or so, to both pre-clean and to dry off afterwards.

XO Skins Screen Protector 1
Contents of the kit

Installation is amazingly easy, especially compared to the “surgery-like” clean conditions and careful prep us old-timers are used to. Clean the screen, wet your fingers, lift the film, mist the film, apply (and you have some wiggle time to get it exactly right), squeegee, dry, done. It took just a couple minutes from opening the package to using the protected device.

OK, application is one thing (a big thing, but only one thing.) Real-world use is the real key. The film is a bit soft and rubbery to the touch, but does not seem to interfere with using the screen at all. I notice a little bit more finger drag – about what you get with a very slightly dirty screen. I would be curious to see if Rain Off slickens it up much.

The longevity and “pocket wear” test is going to be slightly skewed in that I requested a trial film for one phone, then Murphy’s Law hit, and I ended up with another phone. Because the fit is not perfect, I suspect that corners will lift up a bit earlier than they would for a properly fitted phone.

XO Skins Screen Protector 2
Freshly applied screen- you can barely see the edges.

After a week of use (mostly living in my front pocket), the screen has picked up some ‘texture’ and my finger does not slide as smoothly. Cleaning it and even Rain-X’ing has only helped for a very short term. I can see tiny bits of lint, etc. stuck to the surface. I am sure this is because of the way I carry the phone in my pocket, but it is something to consider when you select a screen protector to use. When I went to the pool for a bit,  I discovered that it also sticks to the inside of my vinyl-based waterproof pouch (so I can use the phone for music, etc.) and wrinkled the protector badly trying to get it out.

Bottom line – I LOVED the application and I am sold on its strength and protection, but it does not quite suit my personal needs. My wife used the larger tablet version they sent me on her iPad (with a basic easel-type leatherette case) and in the same trial period it has shown no tendency to pick up debris or  change in texture.


Product Information

Manufacturer:XO Skins
  • Compatible device
  • Easy application
  • Slightly more finger drag
  • Some tendency to pick up lint if device is stored in pocket

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