Dynaflo Liquid Armor – Nano Protection

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Hands up – who’s ever had issues installing a screen protector on their smartphone or tablet or camera or …….? Unless you’re VERY careful, it’s so easy to end up with bubbles, dust, or hairs under the protector. From Dynaflo comes Liquid Armor, a Nano coating technology that protects your screen without affecting the sensitivity, sharpness, or vividness of your screen. A simple spray will last up to 6 months and can be used on a wide variety of devices.

Available from Dynaflo directly and starts at $9.99 for 4 disposable wipes.  Their products are also available from retail outlets throughout the USA.

7 thoughts on “Dynaflo Liquid Armor – Nano Protection”

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  2. I’ve never had problems with plastic screens. I do have problems with the smudges on my screen from fingerprints. This product looks like something I would be interested in getting. My wife and I would enjoy using this and it also looks like it would detract from the smudge marks on the screen too.

  3. Not sure how much protection this can give versus having an actual stick-on protector. Plus saying that it lasts 6 months mean that it will fade off over time. A properly applied stick-on screen protector can last over a year.

  4. I’ve seen this reviewed elsewhere, and it provides pretty close to no protection at all. I’d recommend doing more research before making the decision to protect a device with this product alone.

  5. I dunno, I have become a huge fan of Zagg. Our local Zagg kiosk at the mall charges $5 to install it perfectly for screens, and $10-$12 for tablets/laptops. One zagg lasts me 6-8 months. Before it starts to dull/smudge to the point it bugs me. They have lifetime replacements on them, I just bring it in. pay my $5 to have them install it again (the protector is free, but they get you on install). I hate installing those things. That is $5 I will happily give up to skip that PITA.

  6. Yeah, I’m in two minds about this product. I hate PET film protectors, I’ve been using them since my Palm Pilot 1000. I’ve tried dry ones, wet ones, cheap ones, expensive ones, applied slowly, applied quickly and maybe it’s just my impatience or technique but I almost always end up with at least one tiny bubble or piece of dust under it. Not such a biggy since it’s normally not visible when your device is on.

    Then after a while they start to look a bit ratty around the edges, but at least your screen’s been protected.

    Reading reviews of this product there’s mixed reactions. It would appear that perhaps that scratches that do appear are only in the nano coating layer and not the glass but…………. and you have to remember to renew the coating every 3 or 6 months according to the FAQ. Not all that big a deal given how easy it is to apply.

    Would definitely assist in reducing fingerprints and smudges however. 🙂

  7. I just don’t use screen protectors anymore and I’m far from gentle with my devices (phone always goes in my front pocket with no case) and I’ve just not had any real screen issues. The glass technology in place nowadays is pretty amazing (Gorilla Glass, etc.).
    The one place I’ve found screen protectors to be useful is on devices that utilize a stylus. The right kind of protector can give a little more of the pen/pencil on paper feel.

    1. @Ken S I’m the same way. I’m pretty rough on my iPhone. I shove it in my jeans pocket even ones that have metal snaps. I don’t see any scratches on the front. Now the back had a few before I switched to the Keyway Designs wood back plate.

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