CruxSKUNK – Unfortunate Name, Great Keyboard Design

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The folks at Crux have been busy working on the ultimate iPad keyboard case and are looking for backing from Kickstarter fans for their new CruxSKUNK. Yeah, that name is ummm… strange. But forget the name and check out the keyboard. First of all, it’s Bluetooth, it has full size keys and a standard layout with special function keys unlike so many iPad keyboards that we’ve seen and tried. It’s also convertible like previous keyboard cases from Crux. That means that if you want to use your iPad like a tablet instead of a laptop, you can fold the keyboard under it. At 19 mm, this case and your iPad will be similar in size to a Macbook Air. It’s made of aluminum, sandblasted and anodized to match the finish of your iPad. The thing I really like about these keyboard cases from Crux is that they let you use your iPad like a laptop on your lap. A lot of the other keyboard cases can only be used on a desk. If funding is reached, Crux hopes to ship the SKUNK in December. If you want one, there are still a few $155 and $175 pledge slots left.

9 thoughts on “CruxSKUNK – Unfortunate Name, Great Keyboard Design”

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  2. If someone would design a keyboard system with a price that was reflective of what people were actually recieving then you would have a revelutionary position. Otherwise you will not sell a large amount of product as it isn’t necessary. I can buy a blue tooth apple keyboard for over $100 less…why would I spend money on yours?

  3. I’d love to hear someone do a comparison between this Crux and the Brydge which is similar in function to this one.

  4. I went ahead and ordered one, at 155.00 its about 60.00 less than the Brydge. Ir really like the way this one holds the iPad in with a frame, instead of just a friction clamp.

    It also can be rotated completely to use it as a tablet, I need that function. Overall this is the most functional for my purpose.

    I will update this entry when I get mine, some time in November.

  5. I ordered both the Brydge and CruxSkunk because I have a Kickstarter problem 🙂 Yes, I like the frame better than the pressure clamp on the Brydge, but I like the speaker system on the Brydge…at least I hope I will. I have an iPad 1,2,3 so the 2 and 3 will have a keyboard. The 1 will get the Touchtype case(also from Kickstarter) with the great Apple wireless keyboard.

  6. Hey Julie do you think they chose that name to be so blaintantly bad that it would actual stir people up enough to want to talk about it? That’s the only justification to putting Skunk in a product name other than SkunkWorks, but that’s long been established as awesome. Would love to know how they got so much funding so fast! We launched our Kickstarter last night and can only hope for that much traction. Would love to hear your thoughts if you have a second, it can be found here: Lastly, I love your writing style, but you probably hear that often 😛

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