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I truly believe charging your devices without having to plug them in is a great feature and the way of the future, that all cellphone/smart device manufactures should embrace. The TYLT VÜ wireless charger was one of my favorite review/tech products of 2014. It's build quality, upright orientation and triple coil design make it the hands [...]

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Seems like everyone is getting into the fitness band market these days and as a runner, I find them nice enough but limited as a 'get in shape/get off your butt' tool in many respects. To bridge this gap between fitness and training, the engineers at Polar have created a hybrid device designed to, not only track your [...]

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I am an earbud kind of guy, having tried literally dozens of them from stock earbuds to wireless sport headphones to extravagant, handmade monitors and everything in between. I prefer a small, compact, transportable form-factor. However recently, I have been noticing many folks wearing on-ear headphones and I wondered if I was missing something. After searching awhile, the [...]

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Swiss Legend watch review


In today's world, our personal technologies are not only tools to help us survive modern life but in many places status symbols and fashion statements as well. Long before computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets, a person's wristwatch told much about who they were and where they came from. There are still people who wear watches for status, fashion [...]

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I have reviewed multiple sport headphones and earbuds over the years. Using wireless streaming via Bluetooth while working out has become much more the norm than the exception. Sport-centric Bluetooth earbuds have become less bulky, better sounding, and much hardier...making the experience more enjoyable. The Sport ROX Wireless are Jabra's latest and greatest "premium wireless earbuds" engineered [...]

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The designers at Air Dock have recently introduced a new Indiegogo project for their second generation wireless charging car mount, the Air Dock 2.0. Like the original, the Air Dock 2.0 is a wireless car charger and dock for smartphones and tablets that are equipped with Qi inductive charging technology. The Air Dock docking surface is made [...]

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The Dropcam Pro is one of the most compact, easy to use, and polished wireless cameras on the market. Their greatest weakness is being an indoor-only product with no outdoor option. Over the past few years, other manufactures have created aftermarket enclosures to protect the Dropcam from the elements. But many of these products have come [...]

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My fun car has wide, low profile tires that I regularly have to check to make sure they have not lost air pressure. While not a massive burden, it does take time and effort that only seems to get worse the older my knees get. Anytime my car sits more than a few days, instead of [...]

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Best.running.watch...ever. I have used many fitness and running watches over the years, none of them perfect. Some came closer than others to running-Zen, but many never even left the gate. I have been using the Garmin fēnix 2 on and off for months now and continue to be amazed how much it impresses me. I know my first [...]

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For those of you who monitor your heart rate with a chest strap while working out, I am sure you know the pain and irritation they can cause. Just this past week, while reviewing a different fitness device, the included Bluetooth HR chest strap literally made me bleed during a long run. The engineers at [...]

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booq Boa Flow Graphite review


Back in 2010, I reviewed the booq Boa Flow M backpack after decades of carrying a messenger type bag. Since then, I regularly use the Boa Flow M when I need to carry a majority of my tech/travel gear or am going out into the damp Seattle weather. I am surprised by just how much I like and [...]

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It is not that the Logitech Alert video surveillance system we use has become all that long in the tooth. It still works well enough. The fact is I want/need to expand my coverage and their outdoor cameras are difficult to get ahold of and surprisingly costly when you do. Julie and I have been discussing surveillance [...]

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I am the quintessential handyman...always building, repairing, and/or tearing out something. I started my first home improvement project nearly 25 years ago. Back in the day, there were limited battery operated tools and work typically involved dragging electrical cords everywhere you went. As battery technology improves and becomes much more cost effective, we find it powering devices/tools [...]

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I often think that I should have been born in an earlier time. Back when the world was a simpler place, a person's word/handshake was their bond, people made things with their hands, doors were left unlocked etc. The Colonel Littleton gear I have had the fortune to review is truly the embodiment of those [...]

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The folks at NKMOS are at it again... they have created a new high end smart-device accessory. The AirStand is a high end minimalistic, CNC machined aluminum universal tablet stand. It is capable of folding flat but has a support that can rotate 360 degrees. It uses the same sticky pad technology that is found in their premium in-car mount [...]

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A couple of years ago (2012) I reviewed the Wicked Lasers Torch (see Other Articles to Read at end of post), touted at the time as "the most powerful handheld flashlight in the World", and at a whopping 4100 lumens, it was wickedly bright, extremely hot, but sadly very utilitarian looking.  The designers at Wicked Lasers have recently introduced [...]

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Well, I did the deed... I signed up for T-Mobile's new Test Drive program John Legere announced late last month. My hope was that their service really is a more cost-effective, viable option for our family. Verizon has been our cellular provider for nearly a decade. But their Cadillac service has always come at a premium [...]

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I am definitely a fan of wireless charging and worthy Kickstarter projects. In this case, the folks at Lutman Design have created the Swich, a very unique and innovative Qi charging stand that is currently seeking backing in its Kickstarter campaign that ends later this month. The Swich is constructed of a ceramic base and mount platform with [...]

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I love the concept of Kickstarter, enabling those with ideas to bring them to life and put them out there for the world to see.  If others agree, they put their hard earned money down to fund the creation of something new and (hopefully) innovative. Occasionally, the Gadgeteer gets to tryout Kickstarter projects before their [...]

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This week T-Mobile announced the latest tweak to their Uncarrier movement - version 5.0. The highlight of Uncarrier 5.0 includes a free 7-day test drive of their network (on a iPhone 5s no less). With supposedly no strings attached. And to sweeten the deal, T-Mobile is also giving its customers free music streaming that does [...]

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