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The TRIbella Wine Aerator is designed to pour and aerate your red wine with both "joy and elegance". This multi-stream wine aeration device strives to make pouring your wine simple, elegant, and drip free. That's all fine but let's see how well it does during a couple evenings with my wife's Friday night wine club on whether [...]

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Samsung Gear VR review


Julie and I just finished our Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge review last week. Not only did we each receive loaner units of the S7 Edge smartphone, but the Samsung Gear VR as well. After trying it out, we both agreed that the Gear VR deserved a review in and of itself. Dave: I have been [...]

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I have had many pocket knives over the years, from the first one I received as a cub scout to various sized and shaped ones I have strategically place throughout my world today. I have them stashed in my cars, desks, tool bag, EDC gear, etc. They are a very useful tool to have around without [...]

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Seems like everyone is making web-enabled surveillance cameras these days. A majority of these consumer-grade cameras are meant for indoor use only, have 1080p HD resolution, and connect to the internet via WiFi. Most with some sort of cloud-based recording service, typically requiring a monthly subscription fee to store and/or view past footage of events. We have reviewed [...]

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While this news blurb is not about tech gear or gadgets, those of you Superman, Batman, and/or Wonder Woman fans might be interested to know that Under Armour has created the Batman vs. Superman Alter Ego Collection...just in time for the new Dawn of Justice movie hitting theaters next month. The Gadgeteer Kid and I both have [...]

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ShaveFace Strop review


Razors are engineered to effectively shave your body hair with as little pain and/or irritation as possible. Most blade razors are designed to be dragged against your skin at approximately a 30° angle for optimum cutting. As you continue to shave with the same cartridge, the hairs on your face pull the very thin blades out of [...]

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Chisel Shave Club review


As the years roll by, I appreciate the finer things in life more and more. I enjoy taking time with good friends, a nice glass of scotch with steak, a long run on a crisp fall day, or in this case a nice close shave. I have been wet shaving for decades now and truly [...]

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T-mobile is at it again…


T-mobile is currently offering several outstanding deals: Simple Choice Family Plan with 4 lines of Unlimited Talk, Text & Data for $150 per month (including 14GB of tethering per line). Simple Choice Family Plan with 4 lines of Unlimited Talk, Text + 10GB data per line for $120 per month. Both offers are valid for all new [...]

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I LOVE the concept of a minimalistic wallet. Every now and then, I do my best to empty my wallet of nonessential bulk. But sadly I never even get close to what I would consider sleek or slim. The artisans at Leather Works have created just that, a thin, well-made wallet designed to carry around your [...]

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Years ago, the Dropcam security cameras in many ways brought easy to setup home monitoring to the mainstream consumer. But today we find ourselves with more choices than we know what to do with and sadly all too many of those come with a monthly subscription fee to store and/or view past footage of events. Though not so [...]

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I recently upgraded my smartphone from the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 to the sleek and tech-sexy Nexus 6p. In that transition, I lost the ability to wirelessly charge and have removed the somewhat bulky TYLT VÜ from my vehicles. The NKMOS Ultima S sticky pad does not work on the very slick back of the N6p either. So, [...]

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Dave: Alright here is a bit of the backstory -- My nearly three year old 15" MacBook Pro had been having problems for a few months. It finally died, then came back to life, but it was definitely time I took it to one of my local Apple Stores to have their Genius Bar techs [...]

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Escort Radar + Laser Detectors. All opinions are 100% mine. The majority of the driving I do is behind the wheel of a small, zippy sports car. Though sadly, I occasionally get dogged by my friends and family for driving it like a little [...]

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Recently Julie reviewed the Jabra Sport Coach wireless earbuds, a pair of sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in virtual coach designed to not only stream your motivational music but provide verbal feedback on how your workout is going. This is a follow-on review to hers of Jabra's most feature rich, sport centric earbuds to date, the Jabra Sport Pulse [...]

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Difficult to believe that it has been nearly three years since I reviewed the original Jaybird BlueBuds X wireless sports earbuds. Jaybird was one of the first manufacturers to create a minimalist wireless set of earbuds engineered to survive a rainy run or extra sweaty workout. Well as we all know, three years is a long [...]

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The Gatekeeper carabiner is currently a Kickstarter campaign aiming to raise $25,000 in funding. And while it does not require a battery, plug, cord, etc…it definitely qualifies as an interestingly designed gadget. It is a finely machined accessory engineered to securely clip your keys, tiny flashlight, micro tool, etc to your belt-loop or gear bag. Note: Images can [...]

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It is difficult to believe I reviewed the Surfire T1A Titan compact flashlight more than 6 years ago...crazy how fast time flies. To this day, I use the T1A often to light my way. It has withstood the test of time and continues to operate flawlessly. Recently Surefire has released an updated follow-on to the [...]

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Earlier this year I reviewed the Polar M400 sport watch and was pleased with how feature packed and fitness oriented it was. I have used it on and off throughout 2015.  When Polar gave me the opportunity to put their latest flagship training device through its paces, I jumped at the chance. The Polar V800 is one of [...]

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While living less than 20 miles from downtown Seattle, we live out in the middle of no where at the end of a very long gravel road on a piece of property that we can't see any of our neighbors. It is a quiet and relatively peaceful place but remote enough people could drive up our [...]

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The bar for any smartphone or smart device keeps going up no matter what tier its specs and build quality put it in. This, in conjunction with the middle and entry level device pricing continuing to come down, only means a better and better bang for the buck. Add in the fact that Samsung and [...]

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The Whipping Post roll top backpack is a nice looking bag reminiscent of days gone by. This backpack is made of brown polished leather with a vintage look and feel that reminds me of walking to school a hundred years ago. The rustic bag is large enough to hold a laptop along with your daily gear. Let’s take a [...]

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My wife and her 'wine club' meet most Friday evenings to relax and enjoy a bottle or two of some new wine they have discovered. They have done this for years. So when Julie has some new wine gadget that looks like it has the potential to be fun for me and the Club, I [...]

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Over the past few years, NKMOS Design Technology has created several versions of their premium smart-device car mounts: the Ultima and Ultima S, both of which began as crowdfunded Kickstarter efforts. Late last year (2014) they began a new Kickstarter project attempting to raise funding for a high end universal tablet stand. The AirStand is [...]

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My family and I live on 10 acres in Washington State and while we live about 20 miles of downtown Seattle, our place is pretty rural. Many critters and creatures live on and transit through our trees and fields all year long. This is especially true during the spring, when some years the deer are like [...]

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I am a huge advocate for the use of screen protectors. I have been a fan since the beginning; starting with those overpriced, thin sheets of plastics to the messy liquid applied protectors to tempered glass and now engineered systems to keep your smart device's round-edged screen safe and protected. The engineers at Bodyguardz have [...]

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