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Last year Julie and I reviewed the Jabra Sport Coach and Sport Pulse wireless headphones, respectively. Both are sweat-proof Bluetooth earbuds with a built-in virtual coach designed to not only stream your motivational music but provide verbal feedback on how your workout is going. The Jabra Sport Pulse earbuds add the ability to monitor and wirelessly stream your heart rate data to [...]

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Julie and I have been discussing what new smartphones are on the horizon for years now. Always hopeful of the next one peaking our Gadgeteer interest enough to pull the trigger. Most recently we focused on the iPhone 7/7+, both of us drinking the Kool-Aid Tim Cook was pouring during the announcement event. I, like [...]

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Swann's new Smart-Series do-it-yourself security system combines wired video surveillance and wireless smart home technology into one integrated solution engineered to deter break-ins and detect intrusion within your home or business. The system includes four weather resistant, 1080p HD wired cameras with 80° viewing angle and night vision with set and forget recording onto the pre-installed 1TB hard drive. [...]

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I have reviewed several of Vaja's Leather Suits over the years. All perfectly fitted for each of my Apple laptops and constructed with some of the finest materials available. Each Suit was handcrafted by artisans who created a, for lack of a better word, piece of art to protect my various MacBooks. And the Leather Suit for [...]

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Jabra just announced the first in a new line of truly wireless earbuds: the Jabra Elite Sport. Jabra promises these new earbuds will have great freedom of movement, excellent fit, strong battery life, sweat and water resistance, in-ear heart rate monitor, and advanced personalized fitness analysis. Like previous wireless earbuds by Jabra, the Elite Sport supports all major [...]

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Thinkware F50 dashcam review


As Julie has mentioned in previous dashcam reviews, this type of device is engineered to not only record your driving adventures, but also document the circumstances "in the event of an accident or for capturing footage of streaking meteors or streaking people on your drives". While I have yet to witness any naked people run in [...]

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There are not many days that go by that I am not using some piece of Colonel Littleton gear to carry my tech/stuff with me. Day to day I use my Colonel Littleton No. 1943 Navigator Bag, when I travel I take my No. 2 Shave Kit, when I go away on an overnighter I use my No.1 Grip, [...]

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Sphero has recently released a new member to their robotic ball series, the SPRK+. The Gadgeteer Kid and I know the world of Sphero pretty well, having reviewed the original, second generation Spheros and more recently the DarkSide Ollie. The new clear plastic SPRK+ takes the experience to a new level. The SPRK+ is not only meant to be played with [...]

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Those of you with laptops know the hassle of plugging and unplugging peripherals when you need to expand the capabilities of your computer. More specifically those of you with Macintosh laptops have never had the option of an Apple made docking station. Well the engineers at OWC have designed a single cable solution to connect [...]

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I've had the opportunity to review JayBird's BlueBud X and X2 sport-centric wireless earbuds, both engineered to survive a rainy run or extra sweaty workout. Their minimalistic design, comfortable/secure fit, and solid sound made for an excellent workout companion. Jaybird has taken minimalism to a whole new level with their new Freedom wireless earbuds. They have slimmed down [...]

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My wife dragged the Gadgeteer Kid and I up to Vancouver BC for an extended weekend / mini vacation to see some of the sights. I was aware of T-Mobile's Mobile without Borders plan but had never tried it or even knew if it was part of our family's unlimited everything plan. For some of you this might [...]

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Earlier this year I reviewed the Toast wood skin for the Nexus 6p. Its unique material and precision design, while adding little to no bulk was just the minimalistic protection I wanted for my Nexus 6p. Add in the fact, it adhered directly to my device greatly reducing the chance of grit and grime building up [...]

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Earlier this year, Julie and I had the chance to review the Samsung Gear VR headset while looking at the Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Being my first real go at the VR experience, I had a good time with the Oculus-backed headset. That said, the Gear VR only works with recent Galaxy smartphones thus greatly [...]

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I often waffle between wanting to use my device naked (aka no case) and using a big, bulky case to protect my coveted smartphone. Typically what I do falls between the two extremes with some sort of slim case that provides a moderate degree of protection without giving up too much of the devices sleek [...]

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We live pretty far off the beaten path and get our water from a well. For some of you this may seem perfectly normal but in the greater Seattle area it's definitely not the standard. Our water is pretty hard and even with a home treatment system, we drink bottled water that we refill as needed. Our [...]

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