From the same company that brought you the Vibram FiveFingers shoes comes Furoshiki footwear. Designed to mimic the Japanese practice of wrapping objects in cloth, Furoshiki footwear wraps the soles of your feet with rubber treads. Available in a variety of colors, the Furoshiki sole wraps are made of 72% Polyamide and 28% Elastane and feature… Read More

I have been wearing toed socks daily and toed shoes to workout while on travel for years. Truth be told, I love the way toed socks feel in all types of footwear. The minimalistic toed shoes are excellent while living from a suitcase cause they take up much less volume than regular fitness/running shoes while still getting… Read More

I’m currently a fan of the “minimalist” movement—the “less is more” or “simpler is better” philosophy. One of the areas in which I’ve applied minimalism is in my footwear. I have a couple pairs of minimal shoes—some trail runners and some casual/dress shoes—that I enjoy wearing because I love the feel of the ground beneath my… Read More

Looking for some new tactical gear for the next time evildoers have you in their clutches? First of all, you’re hanging around with the wrong crowd if this happens to you a lot. But I digress. Check out these shoelaces from ITS Tactical. Who cares about shoelaces you say. You do, when they are made… Read More

It’s hot and humid right now here in Southern Indiana where I’m located, but before we know it, the snow will be flying and we’ll be wishing it was summer again. Cold weather makes me miserable because my internal thermostat is defective. Heck, I’m wearing a sweater right now and it’s going to be over… Read More

I spend a lot of time walking around on certain days, which causes me back and feet discomfort. I recently got the chance to review ExoSOLS, which are custom orthotics you can order via your smartphone.  They seemed like an interesting idea since you just take photos of your feet then order via the SOLS app… Read More

Can you remember what it felt like to run through the yard with no shoes and socks on your feet when you were a little kid? I thought I was the fastest runner in the world when I ran barefoot. Yeah, I wasn’t… But feeling the cool grass between my toes made me feel different… Read More

You’ve put in a full day of snowboarding or an extra long running session, and your footwear is quite damp. Instead of waiting perhaps days for the insides of your boots or shoes to dry, slip in a pair of DRYSUREs and your footwear will be dry by the next morning. Patent-pending DRYSUREs consist of an… Read More

I’ve recently began running in a hope to have a slightly less round belly. I’ve come to find that footwear is an important component of running. Good running shoes can help prevent you from experiencing pain or injury. Like anything else in life, quality running shoes are only good for a certain period of time… Read More

I have incredible difficulty finding comfortable exercise footwear because I have flat feet. Most of the time I find myself exercising without shoes at all. This may no longer be a problem for people like me with the advent of the Futurecraft 3D, which is a 3-D printed, customized midsole for running shoes. Adidas, in… Read More

Biking and running are two of the most popular fitness activities around. Now most folks do their outdoor activities during regular daylight hours, but if you are like me and live in the desert, that 4pm walk ain’t happening in the summer. Although I have no issues with walking late at night or early in… Read More

I am fascinated with tattoo art and love to watch shows on TV like Ink Master. I have 5 tattoos of my own that I call my battle tattoos. No, one of them isn’t a sugar skull, a rose or a Japanese Koi fish, they are actually 5 little black dots on my chest that mark… Read More

I spend a great deal of time on my feet walking around.  And a great deal of that time is spent outdoors, rain or shine, hot or cold.  About a year ago while I was walking around in the freezing cold and unable to feel my toes, I had a dream.  I dreamed that one… Read More

We’re all in a hurry these days and like to find ways to cut down on time spent doing things that aren’t important to us versus tasks that are important and fun. One way to save a little time each day is to add a pair of Zubits to your favorite shoes. Zubits is a… Read More

For those who wear boots regularly, lacing and unlacing them can be a drag.  Properly laced boots can have a big impact your performance while wearing them, but sometimes you may need to lace them quickly. I stumbled upon TacLace (see what I did there?) when I was researching boots to wear during a GORUCK… Read More