Flip-flops + shoes = Link Flip-Shoes

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NEWS – I’ve never liked wearing flip-flops because I don’t like the strap between my toes. It’s uncomfortable. You can’t run in them either. Enter the Link Flip-Shoe which is an interesting take on a strapless shoe/flip-flop. Flip-Shoes provide the freedom and ventilation of a flip-flop and going barefoot but also offer arch support, the ability to run in them, and they aren’t slippery in wet conditions. Does that sound good to you? Then head over to link-shoes.com where you can buy a pair in blue, red, or orange for $89. And if that’s a little too expensive for you or you want to go super minimal, check out this alternative from Amazon that’s only $14.99.

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  2. Hmm, I think to stay on your feet it has to be pushing against your toes. With regular shoes, you can have a bit of wiggle room in sizes to have to shoes fit and stay on your feet. I think it would be tough to find the exact size that will stay on your feet and not feel uncomfortable with the pressure on your toes.

  3. The guy in the picture looks like he’s wearing ballet style flats. Not in a million years would I wear those in public.

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