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ARTICLE – A couple of weeks ago, after we posted our team series on our mobile home screens, Dave Rees suggested that we have another team series on the upgrades/updates we’ve done to our work from home (WFH) setups due to COVID-19. So without further ado, Dave will start us off with his. Enjoy!


Dave Rees

My wife and I used to share a small home office that we had configured with separate desks on either side of the room. This worked for us cause we were rarely ever in that space at the same time 😉 . Tho with us trapped in there 8+ hours a day/5 – 6 days a week we quickly needed a better solution (not that I was scared for my life or anything). So during this past year, I moved my WFH workspace into our dining room, cause let’s face it…not like we’re hosting any dinner parties anytime soon. Along with upgrading my view, I took the time to tweak and update the tech-Zen of my locked down world. 

What I had during pre-pandemic times: 2018 Dell Latitude 7390 (work laptop) / 2016 12″ MacBook / 6 yr old 25″ 1080p Dell monitor / ancient Creative Audio speakers / Rain Design mStand.

So over the past year I have upgraded or added the following:

Overall, I really love my WFH setup. The only thing I might change in the future: potentially get a 40 inch plus 4K USB-C monitor but honestly that could be a bit of overkill. 

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  2. Dave- I have the Dell 3417 34″ (no USB C like yours) for my WFH setup. I starting working remotely in 2018 so kind of had a head start on this. The built in KVM switch in the monitor is a game changer for being able to move easily between work and personal notebooks with a keyboard sequence.

    I also have 2 x Dell USB-C docking stations, the Logi MX Master 3 mouse, MX Keys keyboard (love it), Logi Steamcam for video conferencing (overkill, but it was all I could find during the videoconf camera shortage last year), Jabra Engage 75 for calls, and the Jabra Speak 510 for speaker phone when its quiet enough to use it. For a desk, I have an awesome Ikea Brekant corner/sides from craigslist for $75.

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