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I have a Fujifilm X-M1 camera that I purchased not too long ago. I thoroughly enjoy using this camera and intend to take good care of it. I had been thinking about purchasing a screen protector for the LCD screen to protect it from scratches, especially when I wear the camera around my neck and [...]

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The Gorilla Glass screens on iPhones are tough, but they aren't invincible, so many people like to add a layer of protection to the screens.  Many screen protectors are designed to protect more against scratching than impacts, but the Rhino Shield MK2 has a "shock-damping layer is able to take at least 5 times the [...]

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PureGear has a line of accessories to protect your brand new Moto X phone.  Seen at the top, the GripTek flexible cases add an extra shock-absorbing layer at the corners for extra impact protection.  The grooved design improves your grip as well as adding interest.  The GripTek is available in blue, black, green, or lavender [...]

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We bring our smartphones everywhere with us, and we want them to last.  Well, to last long enough to get through the 2-year contract so we can upgrade to the next one.  Part of the device protection that many people opt to use is a screen protector.  Although many of the smartphone manufacturers claim that [...]

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Remember in the old days when you had to walk barefoot 5 miles to school in the winter and all you had to protect your smartphone's display was a junky flimsy plastic screen protector with bubbles under it? Those days are gone forever my friends. Today people are moving to glass screen protectors, which are [...]

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I remember back in the day when the Palm V was the Cadillac of PDAs and the only worthy screen protectors were from Brando. Like PDAs, screen protectors have evolved as well, from those 'one shot to apply' pieces of thin plastic with adhesive on one side to specially engineered multi-layered films applied with liquid. [...]

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I have considered ZAGG invisibleSHIELDs one of the Cadillac protective films on the market for sometime. A majority of my tech-gear has ZAGG's military grade films protecting them from what life's hard knocks throw at them. As their products have evolved and improved, I have reviewed many of them, so much so I thought I [...]

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I am a huge advocate for using screen protection on tech-gear. I cannot remember the last time I did not use one on any of my devices, from my MacBook Air to my Suunto Elemental Terra watch.  Dorky as it sounds, when a good deal on protectors hits the Net, I buy them for friends [...]

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phantasm nexus7

We tend to cover quite a few screen protectors for various devices here on The Gadgeteer, however most of them are made of some sort of  soft and flexible PET film.  The biggest issue is that as your screen size gets bigger, in my experience, the harder it is to get these films onto your screen cleanly [...]

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Fantom Tempered Glass

Most of the screen protectors we cover here on The Gadgeteer are made of some sort of  soft and flexible PET film.  The Fantom screen protector for the Samsung Galaxy Nexus from XGear takes it up a notch. Made of shatter-proof tempered glass, the Fantom is only .4mm thick with a hardness rating of 8H.  A [...]

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Hands up - who's ever had issues installing a screen protector on their smartphone or tablet or camera or .......? Unless you're VERY careful, it's so easy to end up with bubbles, dust, or hairs under the protector. From Dynaflo comes Liquid Armor, a Nano coating technology that protects your screen without affecting the sensitivity, [...]

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XO Skins Screen Protector

There sometimes seems to be a war or an evolutionary struggle between device screens and screen protector makers. Back in the early days of Palm PDA's, the screens were rather soft and you used a plastic stylus to write on them. They scratched easily so most of us used and recommended screen protectors. Store bought, home-made, [...]

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I don't normally use screen protectors on my electronics.  Most screen and body protectors require liquid for a smooth application, and the application directions warn you to remove the battery and keep the device turned off for a couple of days until the liquid has all evaporated.  That's great, but Apple iPhones and iPads don't [...]

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Protecting your iPhone's display from scratches is important to a lot of people. As a result, there are a wide variety of screen protector brands on the market. I've personally avoided applying screen protectors to my own iPhone 4s mainly because I tend to have problems lining them up perfectly. I bet a lot of [...]

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We all know that a screen protector will help keep your iPhone's display as pristine as the day you bought it. But installing one can be a huge pain in the butt. First you have to make sure the screen is clean so you don't install the protector over dust particles. That's actually the easy [...]

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Do you love your iPhone's glass screen?  Do you hate when you stick on those screen protectors that makes it feels tacky and prevents you from touching that smooth glass?  Spigen's GLAS.t has solved that problem by providing a screen protector that's made of glass.  The GLAS.t is 0.4mm thick and made up of chemically-treated [...]

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When SGP Case sent me the iPhone 4 Valentinus case I reviewed recently, they included a couple of extra goodies in the box.  They sent along the Steinheil Ultra Mirror Half Mirror Screen Protector for iPhone 4S/iPhone 4/CDMA iPhone 4 and the Kuel H10 Stylus Pen.  While the screen protector is obviously only for iPhones, [...]

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  Last month I did a review of the Crimson Frame Case for the iPhone 4. While I thought their aluminum case was too boxy and utilitarian, I loved the iPhone 4 screen protectors that Crimson included with the case. So much so, I wanted to see if their screen protectors for the MacBook Air [...]

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Earlier this week I was reading tweets from bratty kids cursing their parents and wishing them dead because they didn't get a car for Christmas or got the wrong color iPad 2.  Instead of cursing about the iPad 2, add an Easyscreen Screen Protector from MediaDevil.  Not only can you cover up the offending colored [...]

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Wrapsol Protective Film Review


Recently I bought one of Apple's new 13" MacBook Airs and resolved myself to use it naked (aka without any protection). Using the MBAir without a case definitely goes against my anal-retentive nature. I have used a case with every MacBook I have ever owned. These cases, while doing a great job of protecting my [...]

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