tempered glass screen protector

As our devices become more powerful, polished, and refined, so do many of the accessories that serve and protect them. Even something as simple as a screen protector continues to be improved. With the assistance of Corning, the inventors of Gorilla Glass, the engineers at BodyGuardz have taken tempered glass to a new level of… Read More

Recent results from the National Analysis Center, an independent test lab, demonstrated the superior capabilities of zNitro’s Nitro Glass tempered glass screen protectors. The screen protector competed against a Zagg Invisible Shield Glass and a Tzumi 3587 Screen Protector. Each was subjected to endurance tests, including 10 drops of a steel ball from a distance of one meter. Nitro Glass was… Read More

I just found a great deal on Kinja Deals: Anker’s Premium Tempered Glass Screen Protectors for iPhone 6/6s and iPhone 6/6s Plus are currently available for $1.99 each on Amazon using discount codes. They are laser cut to the precise dimensions of your phone and fit only on the flat surface (not on the curved… Read More

I am a huge advocate for the use of screen protectors. I have been a fan since the beginning; starting with those overpriced, thin sheets of plastics to the messy liquid applied protectors to tempered glass and now engineered systems to keep your smart device’s round-edged screen safe and protected. The engineers at Bodyguardz have… Read More

We’ve featured Brando’s premium tempered glass screen protectors for smartphones, but now Brando Workshop is offering screen protection for the Motorola Moto 360 Android Wear smartwatch. These durable glass screen protectors protect the watch face from scratches and everyday wear and tear without lessening the touch screen’s sensitivity. The protectors install easily and do not… Read More

I never have screen protectors on my devices.  I can never get a screen protector on without dust and air bubbles underneath or without misaligning it, and I simply cannot tolerate seeing those blemishes on the screen.  I also refuse to use any screen protector that requires use of a liquid for application.  I’ve already… Read More

Unlike some people, I don’t coddle my smartphones. I almost never use a case and the same can be said for screen protection. I’ve been carrying my phone in the cargo pocket of my pants or my bag for years and have been lucky that I have not to have any mishaps involving drops. With Gorilla… Read More

I am a huge advocate for screen protection and when available, full-body protection on my electronic devices…from my smartphone to my laptop. For years, ZAGG invisibleSHIELD films have protected my smart-devices, even now one of their full-body films protects my MacBook Pro. But in the past few years, glass screen protectors have become increasingly more… Read More

Although many today believe the Corning Gorilla glass on their smartphone is strong enough to protect itself, I love glass screen protectors.  Just the other day, a friend told me the tempered glass protector I gave (aka forced on) him as a Christmas gift had protected his screen from a long gash that some unknown object… Read More

I do not own an iPhone 5S or even 5C for that matter – sadly, just a lowly iPhone 5 (I am holding out for an iPhone with larger screen). Fortunately the Gadgeteer Kid recently used his savings and upgraded from the iPhone 4 to the latest and greatest smartphone Apple has to offer. The… Read More

One of the perks of being a reviewer here at the Gadgeteer is that we occasionally get to see and use products before they are available to the general consumer. In this case, I asked the folks at Brando if they were going to create a tempered glass screen protector for the iPad mini and… Read More

I am forever spoiled ever since I installed the Spigen tempered glass screen protector on my iPhone 5, I have determined that I will NEVER go back to plastic screen protection for my smart-devices. Sadly, Spigen’s selection is rather limited at the moment, and I needed to look elsewhere for high-end screen protectors for my… Read More