Julie’s gadget diary – I have a new appreciation for screen protectors


Unlike some people, I don’t coddle my smartphones. I almost never use a case and the same can be said for screen protection. I’ve been carrying my phone in the cargo pocket of my pants or my bag for years and have been lucky that I have not to have any mishaps involving drops. With Gorilla Glass displays I figured I didn’t need to worry about scratches anymore. But I changed my mind when I bought my LG G3 a few months ago.

For some reason I decided that I needed a case to protect the back of the phone and a tempered glass screen protector for the display.

I ordered a Caseology case for the back of the phone and used it until I reviewed the Quick Circle Qi Wireless Charging Cover. After I posted that review I cut off the front cover and have been using the back shell with the Qi receiver ever since.


At the same time I ordered the Caseology case, I ordered a Cailifu Tempered Glass screen protector. There was no real reason why I chose this particular brand over others, other than it was less than $10 and available through Amazon Prime. It arrived quickly and was easy to install with no bubbles or lint. Once it was installed it almost looked like it was part of the display.

I’ve been using this setup since the end of July and today it paid for itself when it saved the LG G3’s display from a minor mishap that would have been much worse without it. I was putting away my tea cup and heavy flatware spoon into an overhead cabinet at my desk, when I accidentally dropped the spoon which went clattering across the desk. I immediately noticed that its initial impact was on my LG G3 which was sitting on the desk below the cabinet. I could see the radiating cracks at the left edge of the display and almost panicked before I realized that it was the tempered glass screen protector that was cracked, not the G3’s display. Or at least that was my hope.


When I got home, I held my breath, removed the Cailifu protector and was very relived that it had in fact protected the LG G3’s display. Hurrah!

The moral of this story is to buy a glass screen protector because you never know when it will take a punch for your phone. I’ve become a believer. Thanks Cailifu. Now I need to go order a new one (or two).


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    1. @Andy I’ve heard it is best to put on a screen protector in a humid area instead of a dry area with static. I’ve never paid attention to that recommendation and normally install mine in the basement HQ of The Gadgeteer 😉 I think dust was harder to avoid with the plastic protectors, but these new glass protectors are rigid and just seem quicker and easier to put on, so not as much danger of dust sticking to them if you can do the installation quickly.

      1. Heyyo,

        Tbh? Best way to install a screen protector is after taking a shower lol. The humidity and moisture in the air will temporarily remove any lint or dust particles from floating around plus your fingers should be very clean from any dead skin or residue. 😉

        I heard about it before when reading up on screen protectors installation and tried it myself.. surely enough? No dust or lint.

        Just passing the information forward! Good luck to any who read this!

  2. Robert van Weersch

    From an empirical point of view, the fact that the protector is damaged by the falling spoon does not automatically imply that the display of the LG would have been damaged without the protector. It could be, absolutely. But it could also be that the protector is more vulnerable for the kind of impact the spoon makes and the phone’s display could very well resist that impact.

    The only thing you now for sure, is that you dropped the spoon and it ruined the protector. All the rest is guessing 😉

  3. I never believed in cases or screen protectors. But I’ve changed my mind.

    Many companies will buy your old phone, especially after it has used up the contract and can be unlocked.

    However, the amount they will pay you depends on the condition of the phone. Nicks, dings, scratches (especially on the screen) will all lower the price. Maybe not as much as the case and protector cost, but enough to make it worthwhile combined with the protection

  4. BTW, I just went to Amazon to see if I should trade my plastic film screen for the Cailifu. I think I will.

    But Julie, did you notice: Your screen protector purchase is 100% guaranteed for the life of your device. If, at any time, your protector is scratched or damaged or you are simply not happy with it in any way, just send the damaged protector back to cailifu and we will send you out a free replacement.

    You get a new one!

    1. @Sandee I saw that, but I don’t have the packaging and didn’t see a website for the company to find their address when I looked for it last night. I haven’t ordered a new one yet. I’ll see if I can find a way to contact them.

    1. @Janet & Sandee Cailifu wrote back and is going to replace my screen protector for free. Yay! However, they are doing it as a favor. Their warranty just covers scratches from daily wear and tear and not dropping something on it.

  5. I know this is your purchase and your hassle, but the idea that they are doing it “as a favor” sticks in my craw.

    Their package shows the screen being attacked by a hammer. And they call it “impact resistant.”

    I would post a review on Amazon stating that it was a little hard to contact the seller and they were not forthcoming with the replacement as they state in the product description.

    But I’m not you. And I don’t have tons of things to do.

    1. @Sandee “favor” was my wording, not theirs. Here’s their reply to my Amazon message:

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience. And we are so happy that our tempered glass save your $100 screen.:>

      For this reason, we can give you the replacement for free charge this time. And you just keep the old one, and you can use it for scratch or hit test. :>>

      Our warranty cover wear and tear daily regular use and scracthes, not include the damage from drop or bad hit.

      Thank you for your understand.

      Look forward to serving you again.

  6. @Julie and Janet,

    The information I’ve seen says the “edges are curved.” It’s hard to say what that means exactly, but I know it’s not the curved screen like the new Samsung TV.

    I think it will mean that the glass at the edges of the screen will slope downwards ever so slightly.

    That might make it difficult for companies like Cailifu to make a tempered glass to fit completely over those curved edges.

  7. I’ve bought one and will see, when it comes, exactly what the warranty says.

    But if the package shows a hammer hitting the screen, it should be covered by the warranty.

    (I always stir things up.)

  8. I see your point but based on my own experience (and that of people around me) glass protectors crack very easily, especially if the external force is applied at the edge (which seems to be the case here) so without a glass protector your G3’s screen might not crack at all.

    Another thing is with curved screen edges (like Galaxy S4) glass protectors can’t protect your device screen edge-to-edge. My friend dropped his S4 with a glass protector on and the screen cracked while the glass protector stays intact…perhaps sapphire is the way to go!

  9. Great article Julie and I loved the outcome. The comments are fantastic and I am looking forward to hearing what happens when you get the replacement glass and when Sandee stirs things up if she needs to.

  10. Got my Cailifu protectors yesterday.

    There is not one word about a warranty or guaranty or any kind of expectation of how well they should work.

    But I went back to the Amazon page and there is a picture of how the product works when hit by a hammer.

    The idea is that the Cailifu glass will act like a buffer to protect the phone screen. The Cailifu screen does shatter in their demo, and the pieces stay together from a film.

    Without the Cailifu the phone screen would have cracked.

    This is exactly what Julie experienced.

    However, there is still that posting, under the Product Description:

    cailifu Lifetime Replacement Warranty:
    Your screen protector purchase is 100% guaranteed for the life of your device. If, at any time, your protector is scratched or damaged or you are simply not happy with it in any way, just send the damaged protector back to cailifu and we will send you out a free replacement.

    This is obviously not what you go from Cailifu’s customer service.

    I’m going to post a complaint under the review section on Amazon.

  11. “Drive down the road?”

    I only need to open the door to my apartment and the mail is sitting there. And I can pick it up in my pajamas with no slippers!

  12. IJuysgy just bought 1 of these protectors cos the old plastic 1 was old and i fitted it so it had s#@! Under it.
    i got one of your screens fitted at the outlets and drop the phone only 3 days later cracking the screen so i thought when i scratch with my nails i felt it was the outer protector that was cracked saving big dollars good job guys I’ll never use anything else now ☺

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