OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard screen protector review

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REVIEW – When I buy a new phone, the first thing I worry about is scratching the display. Even though iPhones have Gorilla glass, that doesn’t mean that they are impervious to wear and tear, especially if you’re like me and like to shove my phone into my pack jeans pocket that happens to have a metal snap. The easiest way to prevent scratches is to use a screen protector. Today I’m going to show you the OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard screen protector for the iPhone X/XS.

What is it?

The OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard is a Corning Aluminosilicate glass screen protector that’s available for Samsung, Apple, and Google smartphones. I was sent a version of the screen protector for the iPhone X.

What’s in the box?

  • OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard screen protector
  • Installation frame
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Drying cloth
  • Dust removal sticker


I was very surprised that there were NO instructions whatsoever included with the screen protector, either in the box or on the box. I also looked on the product page on OtterBox’s site and didn’t find anything either. It’s not rocket science to install a screen protector but it would be nice to include instructions for the novices out there.

If you’ve ever installed a screen protector, you’ll probably know that it can be a colossal pain to line up the protector perfectly on the screen. Then there can be problems with bubbles under the protector and/or dust. OtterBox helps you out by including a frame that makes lining up the protector easy and foolproof.

But first, you have to clean the screen so there won’t be fingerprints or dust under the protector. To do that, you just use the included alcohol wipe.

Then you can use the included cloth to dry and polish the screen.

The next step is to place the included frame over the phone as you see above.

Then you take the screen protector and peel off the protective film.

Then turn the protector over so that the previously covered side is down and place it in the frame. You really can’t screw this up because the frame makes placement a snap.

As soon as you let go of the protector, it “sucks” itself to the screen like you can see in the image above. Within seconds it is perfectly stuck to the screen.

No bubbles, dust, etc. A perfect fit!

The OtterBox Amplify screen protector does not cover the front-facing camera, so there are no worries about Face ID not working.

The edges of the protector are smooth with no sharp edges and the particular version of the Amplify protector that was sent to me is case-friendly since it doesn’t go right to the edge. Never fear though, OtterBox does offer an Edge2Edge version which does go right to the rails of the phone.

What I like

  • Simple to install
  • Case friendly
  • Comfortable smooth edges

What I’d change

  • Too expensive
  • No instructions were included in the box or on the OtterBox site

Final thoughts

OtterBox claims that the Amplify Glare Guard screen protector helps you save battery life because it allows you to maintain the same image quality at a lower brightness setting. I’m not convinced of that, but the screen does look really good indoors and out with this protector installed. It also does not attract fingerprints or smears.

The downside is that this is a really expensive screen protector. It does carry a limited lifetime warranty and you don’t have to return the old protector, have a receipt or have a registration to get a replacement, which is nice. But you do have to pay for shipping. Does that make the $65 price tag easier to swallow? I’m not so sure.

When it comes down to it, it’s a great screen protector. It’s just too expensive for me to give it two thumbs up.

Price: $64.95
Where to buy: OtterBox
Source: The sample for this review was provided by OtterBox.

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13 thoughts on “OtterBox Amplify Glare Guard screen protector review”

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  2. I was hoping to see a discussion of difference between the anti-glare screen protector and the clear screen protector from Otterbox.

  3. came here to see how the anti glare technology rated? Would have liked to read how it performed in the sun eg. photo taking

      1. Hi Julie
        I am shopping around for a screen protector for my new iPhone 11 Pro and am torn between the anti-glare protector by Zagg and this new glare guard by Otterbox. I mostly adore the anti-glare screen protectors because they work great in direct sunlight. I can turn the brightness down to 1/4 -1/2 and still view the what’s on the screen with ease. I also enjoy photography and it’s very difficult to try to focus the lens and adjust exposure when you can’t see anything because of the sun’s glare. The only downside is that they have a matte finish which very slightly reduces the clarity of the HD display. It also takes away the beautiful shine that our modern cell phones have. I’m looking for functionality while trying not to sacrifice aesthetics. I’m a huge fan of Otterbox’s cases but I am new to their line of screen protectors. Could you describe the visibility you have in very sunny conditions? For example how low can you turn your brightness down and view the screen? Otterbox said that’s one of the selling points. $65 is pretty high even for them so I want to make sure it’s worth buying. Thank you for the review. The installation looks like a piece of cake.

  4. Yes I have the premium antiglare screen protector clear guard for the iPhone 8 plus I called the plastic tab off to apply the antiglare premium screen protector and it cracked I’d like to know if it is under warranty $64 is a lot of money we all have iPhones we all use this product and I’ve never had one break it’s rather expensive to have to replace I am hoping it’s under warranty please let me know and thank you either way Your product is the best and we will continue to shop with you but we sure hope it’s under warranty And I’d like to add thank you so much and advance

  5. I liked the idea, but mine will not seal all the way around the edges and I know that soon that edge bubble will grow and the entire thing will come off.

  6. How effective is the anti glare? Where are the comparison pictures (with & without from various angles) What material is it made of (yes glass but what is the Hardness measure on this Corning glass, is it a 3H or 6H or perhaps 9H)? is there any sapphire composition? Finally it would have been helpful to give us a ruling on the Glare Guard from driving in the car (windows up & down) as well as in at a beach/park. We only buy anti glare anti reflective screen protectors because they save lives while driving using maps on the phones or any driving apps. Also for photography for various reasons (business/leisure) using our phones, the glare drives us insane.

  7. Bought 3 of these when buying new IPhone, and at first glance they looked great when installed. Installed carefully as per instructions yet found that when swiping my finger would feel scratch? After less than 1 year air bubbles appeared on the sides, and cracked unexpectedly thereafter. Would not recommend as they were very expensive.

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