BodyGuardz Pure 2 iPhone 7 Plus aluminosilicate glass screen protector review

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As our devices become more powerful, polished, and refined, so do many of the accessories that serve and protect them. Even something as simple as a screen protector continues to be improved. With the assistance of Corning, the inventors of Gorilla Glass, the engineers at BodyGuardz have taken tempered glass to a new level of protectiveness. They have created the PURE 2, aluminosilicate glass that is theoretically better in every way to the sheets of glass that protected your past iPhones.


BodyGuardz has collaborated with Corning Incorporated to develop the “next revolution in tempered glass screen protection”. Currently, traditional glass protectors feature glass made of soda-lime. The Pure 2 is made from Aluminosilicate glass, which is supposedly “superior in almost every way”. It has added strength, impact protection, and resistance to scratches while being thinner and lighter.


Package Contents:

  • Premium Pure 2 tempered glass screen protector
  • Microfiber cleaning cloth
  • Installation suction cup
  • Dust removal stickers
  • Installation instructions
  • Free Lifetime Replacements


BodyGuardz has made the Pure 2 installation process quick and simple. Once you have cleaned your iPhone 7/7+ screen, you then remove the thin sheet of plastic covering the Pure 2’s adhesive side.


Then you use the wings/tabs to place the Pure 2 in the center of the screen (hopefully before any dust gets between the two pieces of glass). The tabs make the installation process easy with much less likelihood of misaligning the glass screen protector. The curved edges of the iPhone screen make it critical that the placement is nearly perfect or there may be areas where the two do not make contact with each other. The second to last step is to press the glass to the screen if there are any areas where they do not pull together.


The Pure 2 is perfectly fitted for the iPhone 7/7+. With its thinness and rounded edge, you hardly know it is there, especially if you’re using a case with any kind of lip on it. Plus when looking at it straight on, the black screen of the 7+ makes the edge of the protector nearly unnoticeable.

Another great feature of the Pure 2, is that BodyGuardz backs the Pure 2 with a lifetime replacement warranty.

Even though smartphone screens have become stronger, harder, and less susceptible to breakage, scratched and cracked screens happen. I am a firm believer in using glass screen protectors on all of my smart devices, from my iPhone 7+ to my Surface Pro 4 and everything in between. The Pure 2 costs more than the typical cheap glass screen protectors you can find all over Amazon these days, but the cost is a tiny fraction of what a replacement iPhone 7/7+ would set you back.

Source: The sample for this review was provided by BodyGuardz. Please visit their website for more info. This particular protector is not listed on Amazon yet, but you can visit BodyGuardz store on Amazon to shop their other products.


Product Information

  • Excellent screen protection
  • Stronger and more scratch resistant than classic glass screen protectors
  • Perfectly fitted for the iPhone 7+
  • Extremely thin
  • Easy installation
  • Oleophobic coating reduces the appearance of fingerprints
  • Works with most cases
  • Expensive

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