ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard iPhone Xs Max screen protector review

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REVIEW – The new iPhone Xs Max costs a trillion dollars so you better protect it, especially the display. One solution is a ZAGG InvisibleShield glass screen protector, but the one I’m going to tell you about isn’t just any ordinary screen protector. This one also blocks blue light. Let’s check it out.

What is it?

The ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard is a glass screen protector for the iPhone Xs Max and other phones.

What’s in the box?

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InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard screen protector
EZ Apply tray
Microfiber cloth
Cleaning wipe
Dust removal sticker


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I went into this review expecting to be disappointed because every screen protector that I’ve either installed or had someone install for me has resulted in at least a few specs of dust or bubbles under the glass. But ZAGG sent me this protector without even asking if I was interested in reviewing it. And as fortune would have it, a few days later my iPhone Xs Max arrived just begging for protection. So I thought what do I have to lose?

I followed the instructions which tell you to clean the screen with the included wipe. I then used the bright lights of my SHOTBOX to make sure the screen was completely free of dust specs.

installshield glass visionguard 4

For the next step, I placed the EZ Apply Tray over the iPhone like you see above. That yellow cloth under the iPhone does not come with the screen protector, that’s just a glass cleaning cloth that I use to keep things clean.

installshield glass visionguard 5

The next step instructions you to peel the #1 protective liner off the InvisibleShield.

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This protective liner is as thick or thicker than the actual screen protector and I felt like I was going to snap the glass protector in half trying to remove the line because pulling the two pieces apart caused both pieces to flex. But the glass didn’t snap, so on to step four.

installshield glass visionguard 7

Here’s the InvisibleShield with the protective liner removed. The trick is to place it quickly before any dust can fall on it or the phone’s display.

installshield glass visionguard 8

Luckily the EZ Apply Tray makes positioning the screen protector pretty much fail proof. One the protector is placed, you just touch the center of the protector and it applies itself. Seriously. It was that easy.

installshield glass visionguard 9

My first EVER perfectly applied screen protector. No dust, no bubbles, no ugly halo around the edges that won’t stick. It was perfect and has turned me into a screen protection advocate when I have been a dissenter in the past.

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In addition to the easy application, the InvisibleShield screen protector offers a feature that I’ve not seen offered with other screen protectors. It has a special EyeSafe layer that filters out blue light which is known to cause eye irritation, sleep disruption, blurred vision, and more.

The image above shows the iPhone’s display before the screen protector was installed and the picture below is with the screen protector installed.

installshield glass visionguard 1

I thought it might make the screen look dimmer or even amber colored, but nope, the built-in blue light filter layer does the job without affecting the way the screen looks at all. True colors are preserved, even blues. Color me impressed.

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To my eyes, the iPhone Xs Max display with or without the screen protector looks the same which is all I can ask of a screen protector. This protector doesn’t hinder touch sensitivity either. It provides 3x the shatter protection vs. an unprotected screen and it resists smudges too.

What I like

  • Simple to install
  • Filters blue light without affecting True Color
  • Lifetime warranty

What needs to be improved

  • Expensive

Final thoughts

I didn’t think I’d ever sing the praises of a screen protector but after my experience with the ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuardscreen protector for the iPhone Xs Max, I think I’ve become a convert. Now if they can just get the price down a bit. $45 is a lot to pay, but if that’s the cost for peace of mind, I suppose it isn’t completely out of line.

I ended up returning the iPhone Xs Max to Apple, but I look forward to trying another ZAGG screen protector for my next phone so that I can provide a long-term review update.

Price: $44.99
Where to buy: Amazon
Source: The sample for this review was provided by ZAGG.

6 thoughts on “ZAGG InvisibleShield Glass+ VisionGuard iPhone Xs Max screen protector review”

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  2. So much easier to apply a screen protector over a phone with a flat screen and no curves. I also liked that EZ frame that really does make it easy to place the protector exactly where it needs to go. If I had not already spent a gazillion dollars on a Note 8 (blew it up at 80mph) and now a S9 I would consider the new Pixel and put one of these on it. As of right now, my S9 is unprotected screen wise. I have always liked Zagg protectors though as you noted they are very pricey.

  3. I also want my money back from ZAGG. Something hit my phone right where the front camera is and it shattered underneath where the ZAGG was protecting as well. It’s all shattered. They did nothing but send me a replacement. It’s not the right fit or protector for the iPhone X

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