ZAGG invisibleSHIELD GLASS screen protector review

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I am a huge advocate for screen protection and when available, full-body protection on my electronic devices…from my smartphone to my laptop. For years, ZAGG invisibleSHIELD films have protected my smart-devices, even now one of their full-body films protects my MacBook Pro. But in the past few years, glass screen protectors have become increasingly more prevalent and in many cases, the norm. To be candid, I am surprised it has taken ZAGG so long to get into the game, but with their new invisibleSHIELD GLASS they have done just that. Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size. zagg_invisibleshield_glass-layers

invisibleSHIELD GLASS is 0.4mm thick, made of ‘fortified scratch-resistant’ tempered glass. The tempered glass has an oil-resistant nano-coating that helps keep fingerprints and facial oils from building up on its surface. Beneath the glass are protection and adhesive layers.

Package Contents:


  • invisibleSHIELD GLASS
  • Micro fine cleaning cloth
  • Cleaning wipe
  • Warranty card



As you would with any screen or full-body protection, cleaning the surface that the protector is going on is absolutely key to a successful installation. Glass screen protectors are much less forgiving than plastics films when it comes to anything trapped between it and the screen. The films mold around whatever is caught between the two, whereas the rigid glass does not and in most cases forms air bubbles which are difficult to remove.


Once the face of my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 was clean and dust free, I removed the plastic covering from the silicone adhesive side of the glass protector. Compared to flimsy plastic screen protectors, applying the tempered glass is extremely simple, easy, and stress free.


But in this case, ZAGG has made installing the invisibleSHIELD GLASS screen protector even easier. The plastic yellow tabs on each side makes placement nearly foolproof. Once placed, the GLASS adheres itself onto the smartphone’s screen. The two pieces of glass seem to suck together with zero bubbles that need to be forced out. Then you simply pull off the yellow plastic and you are good to go…

invisibleSHIELD GLASS is current available for:

  • Apple iPhone 4/4s
  • Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s
  • HTC One
  • HTC One M8
  • Samsung Galaxy Note III
  • Samsung Galaxy S4
  • Samsung Galaxy S5

I would hope that ZAGG is creating invisibleSHIELD GLASS for other mainstream smart-devices as well, like the iPad, Note Pros, Kindles, etc.


There are many people out there that believe the Gorilla Glass that covers their device screen is strong enough to protect itself. But I know several friends who have disproved this belief and inadvertently scratched their screens…very sad indeed. To me, the GLASS’s surficial nano-coating, feels even better and stays much cleaner than the glass screen itself. If it were not for the upper cutout around the camera and speaker, the inivisibleSHIELD GLASS is so very clear you would not even know it is there. At $35 the inivisibleSHIELD GLASS is priced on par with other tempered glass screen protectors of the same caliber. However, the benefit of ZAGG is they back their screen protectors, including GLASS, with a world-class lifetime warranty. And to my knowledge, no other manufacturer backs their glass screen protectors with anywhere near that guarantee. A detail that sets ZAGG ahead of the pack…


Product Information

  • Great screen protection
  • Silky-smooth/naked feel
  • Precision touch sensitivity
  • Extremely easy to install
  • Preserves HD clarity & sharpness
  • Tapered edges for greater durability and no rough edge
  • Oil-resistant coating repels natural finger and face oils
  • None

13 thoughts on “ZAGG invisibleSHIELD GLASS screen protector review”

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  2. Besides the oil-resistant coating, what other advantages are there? My S4 is already scratch resistant and doesn’t even require a screen protector.

  3. I double ryan’s comment; I don’t think there’s much practical use for screen protectors like this anymore. I’ve got the original Samsung Galaxy S (GT-9000), and the screen is immaculate, even if I carry it in my jeans pocket with my keys. I bought it right after it was released and never used a screen protector. I think the Gorilla Glass technology has gone forward from those days and is even more scratch resistant.

  4. I don’t think people want to chance it with their 600+ phones getting scratched even if it is gorilla glass. $35 seems like a no brain investment to improve the lifespan of your phone…

  5. I put the shield on myself which in turn ended up with bubbles. I took it to my local best buy and they helped get the bubbles out. You can see where they were but it doesn’t affect the operation or the look of things. Finger prints show up really quickly and the same goes for a trail from a stylus pen which is a ifrogz(product of zag) but it is a great screen protector. It wipes up easily and scratches come out within a day or so. It heals itself. I would not hesitate to buy another which would only be if I want to go for the perfect look or if I have to replace my device.

  6. I purchased this for my iPad air. I dropped the air a few times, and the glass cracked fairly heavily, and chipped along the edges. So I went back, paid $6, and got a new one! There was no damage to the underlying iPad gorilla glass. It was pristine. So I think it was worth it for that. However, I am lately questioning it because I am having some issues with the Jot Touchpoint working on it…sigh.

  7. I tried the plastic film protectors in the past and moved away from them… the experience was not good with surface drag, uneven texture, etc.

    With my new 128G iPhone 6 (first smartphone actually) I decided to look into protectors. Zagg Glass seems absolutely perfect. It went on easy, I was able to reposition it twice (wow..), I love that it’s smooth, perfectly clear, the warranty and my 2x-Mil case is not impeded by it.

    EXCELLENT WORK ZAGG. This product line has my personal seal of approval. Thanks Zagg…

  8. I’ve just purchased Zagg Glass and am having so much trouble trying to select any icons on my screen. It seems that I have to press multiple (almost 20 times sometimes) to select anything and also try different angles when trying to select anything. Does anyone else have this problem. Please help, the glass was about $80 and it’s been day two and am about to take it off and ask for a refund. Please help!

  9. Clear — that’s strange. I just installed mine. I accidentally pressed down on the edges (instead of the middle, which is what you’re supposed to do). It still installed with a couple of bubbles — which I was able to get rid of quickly. I find the touch sensitivity better with this screen protector than without. Also, the product goes for $35-40, I’m not sure who charged you $80. Maybe it wasn’t a Zagg product? I’d call them — they’re supposed to have an excellent customer service department, and lifetime guarantee.

  10. I paid $50 for mine and 2 days later I had bubbles went back to the store and had to pay an extra $6 to get another one installed witch I thought was unfair because I didn’t break it it was a manufacturer error for some reason it won’t stick right and the new one still has bubbles I was not happy with it

  11. I got the note 8 on Sunday as a gift. WOW
    Haven’t dropped it keep in mind, bc I’ve been in bed learning about it ect.
    This evening, i glanced in the right light and angle to see a crack. By the volume button.
    Is that my glass? Called Verizon. They had me take off the invisible shield. Sucker cracked like a windshield on a cold day with a heater on.
    Not happy at all with this product.
    Glad I registered it LAST NIGHT!
    NOW to replace it….grrrr

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