Installing these screen protectors is a snap!

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I never have screen protectors on my devices.  I can never get a screen protector on without dust and air bubbles underneath or without misaligning it, and I simply cannot tolerate seeing those blemishes on the screen.  I also refuse to use any screen protector that requires use of a liquid for application.  I’ve already paid to replace one laptop that my daughter accidentally spilled a cup of water on, and I refuse to risk another device by putting a dripping wet screen protector on it.

Simple Snap simplifies installing a screen protector with their disposable mold that fits perfectly around the device.  You just “push the mold over the device until it snaps off and leaves the screen protector flawlessly installed.”  Simple Snap has a line of Tempered Glass or oleophobic HD Anti-Fingerprint skins to fit iPhones (5/5s, 5c, 6, 6 Plus), iPad Air, iPad mini, and Samsung Galaxy phones (S4, S5).  Some of the screen protectors can be purchased at Simple Snap, and Amazon seems to have the complete line available for purchase.  Prices range from about $10 to $50.

12 thoughts on “Installing these screen protectors is a snap!”

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  2. The key to not getting dust or bubbles is to do it in the bathroom! Simply turn on the hot water taps until you get a little steam going on and then apply the protector. The steam traps the dust and any bubbles are simple to remove with a usually included squeegee. I read this a few years ago and it has never let me down!

  3. While I can do a decent job of installing a protector on a cell phone, I would choose this to save me some time and anxiety. This is a nifty idea. This would take care of the alignment issue and might help to reduce the dust in between the screen and the protector as there would be less handling of the protector. Too bad Simple Snap only caters to iPhone models and a couple of Samsung models.

  4. It sounds like the Simple Snap glass protector for the iPhone 6 Plus and applying it in the bathroom with the hot water running is the way to go for me! I just wonder how the glass protector will fit around the curved edge of the iPhone 6 Plus’ touchscreen?

  5. Janet, the screen protectors for the iphone6 and 6+ dont actually protect the curved egde AFAIK. My protector, as most I believe, just protect the flat face leaving a 2-3 millimeters all around that is unprotected.

  6. Yeppers, I thought that might be the case. Does the screen protector fit tight at its edges, or is there a bit of overhang with a loose glass edge where the screen starts to curve away? Does it feel secure, or does the edge feel like something would fit under easily and lift it off the touchscreen?

  7. I don’t do screen protectors. I’ve had 3 different smartphones in the last 4 years, never a scratch, but, I don’t keep them in my pocket, but a soft sided belt case. Glass on the front, I never saw the need.

  8. Janet, its fits tight and there is no overhang. It feels good to me and there is no way anything will get underneath. I think it is impossible to have any screen protector that will cover the full screen unless it was one that has to be wetted first and was very thin and pliable so as to protect the ‘curve down’.

  9. Should have added that no glass protector is ever going to do that unless it was premade to protect the 6 and 6+ with the ‘curve down’ straight from the factory!

  10. yeppers, I know that the curve would have to be designed in, and that would probably increase the cost of an already pricy screen protector. The extra glass might interfere with how some cases fit, too. I was just afraid it would sit on top like a too small hat, with too much touchscreen left uncovered, or it would overhang the drop away curve, just waiting to get snagged off.

  11. Janet, if you are looking for total coverage you are going to be disappointed. I think your hat analogy works here. It is a wee bit less coverage than I would have liked but without the designed in curve, I can’t see how it can be done ‘neatly’. At the end of the day any scratches would be on the extreme edges so not going to affect your main part of screen.

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