BodyGuardz Crown will protect the curved edges of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Samsung Note 4

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Both the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have beautifully smooth touchscreens with curved edges that make it impossible to find a screen protector that can protect the entire glass surface.  Traditional screen protectors either stop short of the curved edge (bottom, left) or they end up with gaps at their edges (bottom, right) because the phone’s screen curves away from the protector.  You won’t have unexposed edges on your iPhone with the Crown from BodyGuardz.  The Crown is a custom-molded rim made of anodized aluminum that’s designed to complement the BodyGuardz ScreenGuardz Pure screen protector.  Bodyguardz says you won’t even notice the Crown once it’s installed.

The Crown is coming in February 2015 for the iPhone 6 (reported about $40) and the iPhone 6 Plus or the Samsung Note 4 (about $45).  Check the BodyGuardz website for more details.

5 thoughts on “BodyGuardz Crown will protect the curved edges of the iPhone 6, 6 Plus, and Samsung Note 4”

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  2. If I remember correctly, Apple originally had a curved edge for the first versions of the iPhone.

    But then the iPhone 5 came out with straight edges. Certainly we can assume that such a change was functional, rather than just style.

    But with the iPhone 6 and 6+ having curved edges, I wonder about Apple’s thinking. Are curved edges better than straight? Straight better than curved? Or does Apple just like messing with its customers and third-party vendors?

    1. The actual display portion of the screen is not curved, it is the small portion going to the outer case edge that is. This means that you can cover the display portion with a glass protector, but that that protector cannot cover the whole screen.

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